Former President Donald Trump confidently said during an interview on Sunday that he would beat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if the governor would run for the presidential post in the 2024 elections.

Trump made his comments during an interview with Yahoo! Finance, as he voiced out his confidence in beating DeSantis for the highest office in the United States.

"If I faced him, I'd beat him like I would everyone else," Trump said during the interview.

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Donald Trump Predicts Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to "Drop Out" for President Post

Trump predicted that Ron DeSantis will be one of the GOP officials who will step away from running as president if he will fight for the said post.

"I don't think I will face him... I think most people would drop out, think he [DeSantis] will drop out," Trump stressed in the interview.

Trump showed off his confidence as several polls revealed that DeSantis will be one of his competitors if ever both of them decide to run for president in the 2024 elections.

A recent survey by the Super PAC of former Trump aide revealed that GOP supporters backed the ex-president with 26.2 percent support. Meanwhile, the Florida governor followed Trump in the ranking, garnering 25.2 percent support from GOP supporters.

Another poll from Emerson College in early September revealed that Trump defeated DeSantis 67 percent in a 10 percent eight-person field. The poll also showed that Trump would beat President Joe Biden in a "head-to-head" general election match-up.

Although Donald Trump confidently said that he would beat DeSantis on the 2024 election over the presidency. The Florida governor has yet to express his plan on seeking the highest office.

"I'm not considering anything beyond doing my job," DeSantis stressed in an interview, arguing that they've "got a lot of going on" in the state he is currently supervising.

Donald Trump Seeks Help From Florida Judge Retrieve Twitter Account

Donald Trump made his comments about the election showdown with DeSantis a day after he sought the help of a Florida Judge to retrieve his Twitter account, as the company banned him from the social media platform on January 8, following the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol.

It can be recalled the Twitter account of the ex-president with the handle @realDonaldTrump, became the signature mark of his run for the presidency in 2016, The Guardian reported.

According to the court filing submitted by the attorneys of the ex-president on the U.S. District Court in Miami, Trump sought a preliminary injunction against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and the company to reinstate his account.

Trump argued that not granting him the injunction he seeks would cause his 88 million followers "irreparable harm" as they fail to get his message or comment on them.

It was still unclear when or if the Florida judge, which was not identified, will grant the injunction Donald Trump is seeking.

Aside from Twitter, it can be recalled that Facebook and YouTube also banned Donald Trump for the same reason as Twitter, claiming that the ex-president would incite violence. Trump will be banned from Facebook until January 2023, while YouTube's ban was indefinite.

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