Is Cross-Platform Gaming Coming to the Xbox One and PC?

Are gamers asking for too much when they suggest that video game consoles should be able to link with PC games to create cross-platform competition? It depends on whom you talk to, but Microsoft is looking into the idea of cross-platform competition in various ways, not just head-to-head direct gaming.
NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Release Date, Gameplay & Features: Rival Franchise NBA Live 14 Lands Nov. 19, Which Will Be Better? [POLL]

Could the popular NBA 2K series be facing some tough competition?
playstation headset

PS4 vs Xbox One Specs, Pre-Orders & Sales: Bluetooth Headsets May Not Work With PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 Controllers Require Adapter

Gamers might not be able to hear so well when the PlayStation 4 is released Nov. 15. Bluetooth headsets will not immediately be compatible with the new Sony release.

Microsoft Says Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse Support 'Possible'

Microsoft may soon be introducing keyboard and mouse support to the incoming Xbox One. According to Microsoft's director of Xbox Live programming, Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb, the decision to add it or not will hinge on whether developers like what they see.

Xbox One vs PS4 Specs, Pre-Orders & Exclusives: Improved Kinect Controller Expected for Microsoft Console

The Kinect has become a staple in the Xbox series and it is now carrying over into the next version when the Xbox One is released next month

Xbox One Release Date, Price, Games & News: Next-Gen Console Will Have 5-Minute In-Game DVR Recording

Xbox One has found a smart way to advertise their games and their brand by introducing the ability to have automatic DVR recordings during special achievements
xbox one

Xbox One Release Date, Price, Games & News: Despite Delay Rumors, Microsoft Insists Xbox One Will Be Released On Time

Days after speculation about the possible changes to the Xbox One's release date, Microsoft has claimed that it will still deliver all Day One editions of the game consoles as planned

PS4 vs. Xbox One Specs Comparison, Release Dates & Pre-Orders: Which Next-Gen Console Will Win The Battle of the Gaming Giants? [POLL]

We take a look at some early predictions of which console will do better this holiday season.

PS4 GTA 5 Bundle: Release Date Still in Doubt, But Speculation Abounds

One thing both the PS4 and the Xbox One can agree on is that they both need to hop on the gravy train that is Grand Theft Auto 5. Though there has been no official word yet on its availability on next gen consoles, there has been plenty of speculation over GTA V.

PS4 vs Xbox One: Poll Shows Why Gamers Already Prefer Sony Next-Gen Game Console Over Microsoft

It is no surprise that Reuters/Ipsos poll has indicated that American consumers prefer the incoming Playstation 4 to its rival, Xbox One, just over a month before both systems are released
xbox one

Xbox One vs PS4 in China: Video Game Ban Lifted in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Will the Chinese market present more opportunities for the Xbox One and PS4?

Xbox One Release Date, Price, Games & News: Nationwide Tour With Hands-On Xbox One Sneak Peek Rumored

A premature posting on a Microsoft website was caught by a NeoGAF member, who posted the link that said Microsoft was headed on a nationwide tour

PS4 vs Xbox One Specs: Possible Cross-Compatibility Between Consoles, Analysts Expect Next-Gen GTA 5 in 2014

In Tokyo last week, Microsoft hinted at the idea that Xbox One gamers will be able to play PS4 games through their Xbox.

Xbox One vs. PS4 Specs and Features: Sony Expects to Sell 5 Million PS4 Consoles By March

Sony is so confident in the upcoming Playstation 4 that it has already started making bold predictions on how many game consoles they expect to sell.

PS4 vs. Xbox One Specs: Microsoft Holds Edge in Interactivity

Microsoft has made it clear that the new Xbox One is not simply just a video game console.

Xbox One vs. PS4: Increased Competition Brings Increased Tensions Between Sony and Microsoft - Which Is Better [POLL]

Microsoft's Albert Penello is unhappy about the way rival Sony has treated the soon to be released Xbox One.
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