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Samsung Files Patent For Two New Smartwatches

First Posted: Dec 29, 2016 02:15 PM EST
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Samsung seems to be working on a new pair of interesting wearable suggested by the recently set of patent filing. The first device mentioned in these documents looks to be more sporty type of accessory, likely complete with a singh thin strap to hold it in place.

The Patent filings hint that Samsung is working on two new smartwatches, according to the documents one of the two smartwatches features a a flexible and foldable display as well. The other one seems to be a more sport and fitness oriented one, as it looks like a wide band. It's untenable that the smartwatch with the foldable display spikes a lot more interest and most of the patent readers are guessing their best to predict the device. The patent reveals that the foldable display wearable could be like a slap-on bracelet, which would be based around a foldable panel.

According to BGR the second patent of the smartwatches hint at a sporty wearable, however the strap of the device has been very interestingly described in the documents. Basically it can be used to input control nad interact with the wearable by shifting its position, relative to the strap. A second strap could also potentially be introduced to the setup for an extended or at least different input scheme. While looking into the patent documents one can see some scenarios illustrated for the usage scenarios for the device, including wrapping it around the neck, or hanging it on a object or window. This illustration points towards a lot of features of the device, which is still a suspense.

As per abcmobilephones reports Samsung has been seen patenting various devices with foldable and bendable technologies which mean they are soon soming up with various device equipped with foldable display. Last month's patent revealed Samsung's concept foe a foldable smartphone which bends in the middle to form a shape of flip phone. Moreover the patent was eventually approved.

Though they are still patents and no one can be sure if they will ever materialize in actual products. However bendable displays are a clear and natural fit for wearables and a debut on that scene seems just a likely as the mobile one.

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