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Consumer Reports Stands by MacBook Pro 2016 Battery Test Findings: Refuses Retest

First Posted: Jan 01, 2017 03:18 AM EST
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Apple's latest MacBook Pro machines are advertised as having the best battery life up to ten hours of battery life. While some users are reaching that ten hour mark many more are falling short, with five hours appearing to be the norm.

According to Gadgets NDTV many early users of the new MacBook Pro 2016 units have been reported about the battery life issues. Most of the customers had reported inconsistent battery life in its in depth-test, and the MacBook Pro 2016 shockingly became the first MacBook to not receive the organisation's recommendation. Meanwhile Apple announced that it is working with consumer report to understand the battery that were performed by the latter. 

It wasn't all about the low battery life in one test, but it was the wide variation between test results from the shortest time of under four hour, rising to over nineteen hour in another test. Meanwhile customers reports expects to see some more variation in the battery life issue, there must be a strong bug which is behind the issue and Apple need to figure it out as soon as possible to maintain their reliability in there customers. 

As per Forbes report, Apple relies heavily on testing and recommendations from the third party organisation to market its hardware, Apple believes in third party review but now company is paying for the third party review. . If these organisations start to pull away from Apple, then another approach will need to be found.

Closer to home pushing the subtle idea of ten hours of battery life (sorry, 'up to' ten hours of battery life) when the consensus seems to be around five to seven hours) is a touch disingenuous. How the software and hardware work together to maximise battery life is a key part of the experience. At the moment the evidence points to something being 'not quite right' inside the MacBook Pro.

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