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New Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Aims To Take The Headache Out Of HDR

First Posted: Dec 29, 2016 05:50 AM EST
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With the arriving of a new year Samsung has unveiled a new Ultra HD Blu-ray player and claims that it will automatically get the optimum performance from the TV. It's seems like Samsung don't want to stop before the new year, and keep on giving surprises to their fans.

Due to be unveiled at the upcoming CES in January 2017 at Las Vegas, the new M9500 will apparently analyzes the content of the picture its playing and use its findings to automatically tune and adjust the TV's picture and sound setting to the optimal levels.

According to Forbes Samsung hasn't released any detailed report on exactly hoe this device is going to work, company is keeping some secrets with them to revile in CES. Hopefully it's a bit more sophisticated than the deck simply acknowledging TV weather a source supports 4K and HDR or not, It would be nice, too, if this auto-optimization feature didn't only work with Samsung-branded TVs.

As per GlobalAdvisors another headline feature of the new M9500 is it Private Cinema Mode, which lets the user to output the deck's audio to blue tooth headphones for late night UHD BD viewing or watching a UHD BD while everyone else in the room is busy doing their own work

Moreover, the M9500 also introduces improved mobile integration versus Samsung's 2016 UHD BD debut player K8500. However the new feature claims to let the user watch Blu-ray on their tablets and phones as well as enabling user to use the M9500 as a port for watching on their TV 360-degree photos and videos also they can record on their mobile devices.

Thought there's no official words yet on the release date or potential pricing, it's expected that it will cost considerably less than the USD 400 launch price of the K8500. Hopefully the M9500 will also introduce slightly better picture quality than its predecessor, to put it more on a par with superior decks from Panasonic and Oppo.

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