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Unveiling The 5 'Secret' Teams Of Marvel Cinematic Universe And DC Comics

First Posted: Jan 09, 2017 09:55 AM EST
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Amanda Waller just recently revealed Max Lords "supervillains" in this week's "Suicide Squad" vs. "Justice League." Max Lord's "Suicide Squad" joined the "secret" group and a long line of superhero teams that have preceded in their modern day incarnations. Lord just reunited the teams with the new plans and is taking the idea of owning the world.

As per the report of ComicBook, these teams are remained "secret" not until a mystery or a villain flare up with some convenient ties to that team. And so here are some fans favorite "secret" teams and superheroes:

Agents of Atlas, they first appeared after questioning what would happen if the Avengers assembled during the 1950s. During the time period, the team features a mix superhero character from marvels including Namora, Marvel Boy, Agent Jimmy Woo, and Gorilla-Man. Marvel brought back to life the Avenger and unveiled that they were a secret team by Woo to save the Eisenhower, the President against Woo's nemesis, the Yellow Claw. Then the government disbanded the team as the public wasn't ready yet for superheroes.

The First X-Men, Sabretooth, and Wolverine already build an early version of X-Men after discovering the government was working on the program called, Sentinel which exterminate the mutant race.

Team 7, is an elite team of military commandos who gained superpowers as a result of some illegal secret from their superiors. One of the original members of team 7 is Grifter, who always helped his former mates out from time to time. Back in 2013 DC and Wildstorm Universes was merged and the Team 7 was joined by Deathstroke, Black Canary, and Grifter.

The Others - Justice League's Aquaman has a second team of superheroes in secret that assisted him on his missions. In a fight between Aquaman and Black Manta, The Others assisted him as they were a team of heroes that have Atlantean artifacts. Black Manta killed an old member of The Others.

The Illuminati -  was the most famous "secret team." They were the most powerful superheroes on Earth that were assembled by Tony Stark right after the Kree-Skrull War. The report further elaborated that though the Illuminati is not officially a team, they have been on a regular basis on exchanging information and also stops several threats to the planet, Marvel has reported.

Black Panther assembled the 2nd version of the team and together they have discovered that the multiverse was collapsing and causing it to collide into one another. The New Avengers or widely known as Illuminati rescued Earth multiple times, not until the events of "Secret Wars."

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