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'Goblin' Episode 12 Spoilers & Update: Dong Wook Explain How He Entered The Soul of Eunuch, Eunuch's Appearance Might Be The Key In Revealing Grim Repear's Past

First Posted: Jan 11, 2017 02:56 AM EST
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"Goblin" is one of the most successful TvN drama and is getting quite high ratings now. The last episode of "Goblin" reveals and feature more about the character of Lee Dong-Wook's, Grin Reaper and the Sunny's, Yoo In-na. But as the drama soars higher in their ratings, the controversies are tailing on the success of the story of an ancient warrior and his young love.

As quoted by Soompi, "Goblin" is now record-breaking in its recent episode. The drama's Friday and Saturday update are really paying off the actors and the team as their drama is reaching higher than ever. The episode 11 of the drama aired last January 6, 2017, was recorded and reached 17.2 percent peak ratings and has an average of 15 percent during the course of the episode.

In the last episode, the drama paved an interesting twist even more in its secondary couple, Dong-wook, and Sunny - giving a balanced taste into the drama. During the eleventh episode, the character of Gong Yoo, Kim Shin, rushed to see Sunny right after the moment he figured out and learned from the Grim Reaper that she might the be the reincarnation of Kim Sun, his younger sister.

Kim Sun was the Queen during the Joseon Era and as expected, Sunny was left baffled by the revelations she learned. She wanted to learn more about the new information and so she went into the Goblin's home and ask more about his sister. She then felt a pain in her chest upon hearing the story, but the exciting part of the episode is when the 11th episode feature a major turn of events when Sunny finds out that the man she is falling for, is the Grim Reaper, Allkpop has reported.

Through the information revealed, it is high to think that the Grim Reaper is Yeo, who was the young King who ordered to kill Kim Shin's family. In the upcoming 12th episode of "Goblin" the soul of Eunuch Park will appear before Eun Tak, this left the fans of the famous drama is at the edge of their seats as Dong Wook explains how he entered the deceased soul that continuously refused to come with him. He describes Eunuch's soul as "fearless."

The report further revealed that Eunuch was dead because of Goblin. His soul wasn't scheduled, that is why his was has tagged as "missing soul." 

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