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'Vikings' Season 5 Spoilers & Update: Ivar Vs. Heahmund Who Will Be The Greatest? Lodbark's Brother In War For The Power

First Posted: Feb 16, 2017 10:19 PM EST
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There are already a lot of spoilers for the Season 5 installment of the "Vikings" even though there hasn't been any release date yet. The reports are now teasing the fans the situations after the death of Ragnar, a battle might begin between the Lodbrok brothers as they claim the throne.

"Vikings" Season 5 spoilers reportedly stating that Ragnar's children will be facing different challenges that might end them up splitting. As they go on different journey and missions, the children of the great and fallen Ragnar will be battling against the thrones.

Ivar, Ubbe and Hvitserk will stay to handle the army of their late father while Bjorn will be heading to Mediterranean. Variety claimed that the latter two will be facing some major issues about the methods, handling and ruling over Ragnar's army. While another spoiler coming up and teased that another major character will be saying goodbye in "Vikings."

Reports claimed that the Seer, who predicted the death of Ragnar is now seeing another major character will die. Rumors speculating that it is Ivar who will kill Lagertha, the shield maiden to avenge his mother's death. According to Michael Hirst, the creator of the "Vikings," he spoils and hinted that a battle between brothers will rise up as one of them nabs the vacant position.

Hirst greatly teased about the equal enemy of Ragnar's children, the character of Jonathan Rhys Meyer's Heahmund is coming to the 5th installment of "Vikings." Hirst revealed that he purposely place the Heahmund in the series to be the equal of the Lodbrok's army, Entertainment Weekly has reported.

Heahmund people reportedly will go against the army of Lodbrok and will have fascinating fighting skills as their own army. The report suggested that they will be the greatest and biggest threat to Ragnar's kingdom.

Heahmund is specifically gonna combat against Ivar so the Season 5 of "Vikings" will greatly feature the two characters showing their fighting skills, who will be the greatest? Hirst also said that "Vikings" may come earlier in 2017 as he was already complete the final two episode of the next installment of the series. 

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