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‘Kong: Skull Island’ Latest Update: Sources Reveal That Post-Credits Scenes Are Included

First Posted: Feb 17, 2017 04:09 AM EST
King Kong statue bursts into flames at film premiere

King Kong is back again in the big screen as the giant ape that mankind discovered and tried to tame. The last film to showcase Kong in the big screen was in 2005 and that met some negative comments. However, all things are seen as beauty right now for "Kong: Skull Island" as it is also the kickstart for the planned franchise of monsters genre. Now, the latest update includes that a post-credit scene will be shown and it is a must seen one.

According to Slash Film, in a small matter of time, fans will be able to see another movie monster. Kong, in the big screens. But, things won't be the same as the previous Kong movies as the battle won't be on the city limits. To this, Kellvin Chavez tweeted some intriguing scene to be watched out for. In his tweet, he said that fans should stick to their seats until the last second of Kong drops as there is a post-credits scene that should be waited for.

Den of Geek added that Chavez described the scene as an "awesome" one and it will not disappoint anyone. No spoilers have been made regarding the scene but still, some think that it will lead to the battle with another monster, Godzilla. The battle has been long anticipated by fans leading to hypothetical ideas on who's going to win and die. It has been long done in some Kong films that King Kong dies at the end due to wounds.

However, that won't be the case in the upcoming "Kong: Skull Island" since the film is part of the monster franchise by Legendary Pictures. "Kong: Skull Island" will hit theaters on March 10, 2017.

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