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"Bones" Season 12 Episode 10 Preview: Betty White Returns, Filmmaker's Death Sends Team Undercover

First Posted: Mar 08, 2017 05:05 PM EST
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Bones Season 12

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"Bones" Season 12 Episode 10 scenes will surely surprise fans and viewers. It would probably be the best season which could establish the ultimate legacy of the show with a little bit of fun in the process.

"Bones" Season 12 Episode 10 could be the last chapter that contains a traditional case-of-the-week. With that, fans are expecting to see great story and scenes from the series. In "Bones" Season 12 Episode 10, Betty White will be back in action. Everyone loves Betty for she appears to be iconic to the entertainment world.

According to Forbes, "Bones" Season 12 Episode 10 Synopsis provides a lot of information about the things that will happen in the series. When the burning and bruised body of an aspiring writer and at the same time director crashed onto a passing car, everyone in the team investigates some odd locations and characters that are connected to the writer's film.

 Meanwhile, to solve the mystery behind the case, Bones seeks the guidance of Dr. Mayer (Betty White) with regards to the meaning of passion in the workplace. As part of the investigation in "Bones" Season 12 Episode 10, Booth, Brennan, and Aubrey will do undercover in the world of demolition derbies.

According to CarterMatt, Dr. Gordon Wyatt will also show up in "Bones" Season 12 Episode 10 to provide assistance to Hodgins and Cam in the Gormogon investigation. The team will try to acquire evidence from different locations and characters that are connected to the filmmaker's death.

Code Black actress Lourdes Nadres will be playing as scientists in "Bones" Season 12 Episode 10 entitled the "The Final Chapter "The Radioactive Panthers in the Party" Moreover, "Bones" Season 12 Episode 10 will also feature star Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray, Matthew Jones as Dwane Hawkins, Rebecca Metz as Linda Martin, Alan Heitz as Ron Bergman, Morgan Lindholm as Carly Catalanom, and Fred Stoller as Allen Peppermelt.

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