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Tesla Model 3 Will Released its Final Model on July With the Price Starts at $35,000

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:30 AM EDT
Tesla Model 3 will have 'final' reveal in July before a truck launches in September

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Tesla's electric sports sedan dubbed the Model 3 is an eco-friendly and the first mass-market electric car. Though Tesla's Model 3 has been yet in a production, the California-based company received almost 400,00 pre-orders which prove that the Model 3 has dramatically expanded its market and an entry into a big league.

The Verge stated that Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the final Tesla Model 3 will be launch in July along with the pricing options and the vehicle range. The Tesla Model 3 is expecting to wear larger batteries, as it can drive about 215-mile range on a single charge. It also features an Autopilot self-driving that will come in standard.

The basic Tesla Model 3 will have a starting price of $35,000, yet the customer will have another option to activate into a self-driving hardware with the cost of $4,000. The features of Tesla Model 3 has an interesting comparison with the first mass-market of General Motors Company's Chevy Bolt but according to Elon Musk, the interiors of the car will resemble a spaceship.

According to Forbes, Tesla has been so ambitious on their production, as it is the objective goal is to produce a 10,000 of Tesla Model 3 per week in 2018 while ramping up the production facilities in constructing a battery plant to ensure that the cost is still manageable. Tesla Model 3 has a four-door compact segment that is aimed to established luxury like BMW 3 Series.

Tesla Model 3 will feature a low hood, as it has an electric motor that markedly has a smaller engine than a gasoline engine. Though Tesla has not revealed the car's interior, the company assures that Tesla Model 3 will feature the greatest technology in the industry.

Tesla Model 3 will have a large TV-like touchscreen that is placed on the dashboard along with the car keys functions. Elon Musk also revealed that Tesla Model 3 will also offer an optional solar roof that will simply top up the battery pack.

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