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Amazon Echo Speaker Device Will Be Teamed Up Into Alexa

First Posted: Apr 19, 2017 05:35 AM EDT
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A hands-free speaker that can control through voice, Amazon echo devices will be teamed up with other electronic system companies. An American electronic commerce revealed that the new improved technology will be accessible to the users who want to blend on Alexa device.

On 9 to 5 Mac report, the updated app in Amazon's Alexa iOS was intentionally made to bring assistance for consumers convenience to order products by using their voice in purchasing items from Amazon's catalog. Even there are reports saying that the assistant of Amazon was immovable from Amazon iOS app, hardware makers were making a way to incorporate it into software in the future.

Priya Abani, Director of Amazon Alexa said that the new reference solution will help developers to design products similar to the uniqueness of 7 circular microphone array, voice processing and beamforming technology which made Amazon Echo very marketable. She added that the Amazon Echo device brings a great challenge to combine Alexa just to offer a first-class voice experience to consumers.

Meanwhile, there are speculations saying that Apple was planning to make its own Siri speaker device. But Amazon did not want any competition from Apple for its Siri speaker and have a backup strategy to take control of their manufacturing partners that led to effective quality to Alexa's advantages.

The advantages of having an Amazon Echo devices was its expertise to preserved voices in every record and capable of giving swift information via voice command. According to Fox News, there are more ways to enjoy the more improve Amazon Echo device that integrates Alexa such as getting information in current weather updates, local and traffic, flash briefing, listening to favorite iTunes and order products from Amazon catalogs.

Moreover, consumers are concerns on their private life since it was reported that the Amazon Echo/ Alexa device stores the purchaser's voice and might used their voices in any form of violence. But consumers concerns was answered that it is a way to obey commands from the purchasers.


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