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Flash Back To Prince Rogers Nelson In His Life

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 08:36 AM EDT
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The loss of Prince Rogers Nelson also known as Prince brings a deep sorrow to his fans and listeners. What was the real life of Prince and his legacy before he left the world of music?

Prince was a very secretive person and want his life to be private, he often goes in interviews neither close to his collaborators and to his previous band mates. Even Prince will no longer see and heard in the living world, fans keep on coming back to his memories and living music which made him part of the musical geniuses.

BBC shared some facts about Prince for being a composer of the intimate song like "Sexy Dance" and "Erotic City" but some of them do not know that he is been a very religious which he entered Jehovah's Witness in 2003. During Prince performance in his song "Purple Rain," his former art director, Steve Parke noticed him wearing a wig.

Prince Rogers Nelson is a perfectionist singer and leaves no lies for being so harsh towards his former band mates. According to Michael B. Nelson, the trombonist on the band "The New Power Generation," Prince nagged him to do his task well and the reason he get offended a bit for being absent to 19993's Act I tour on the 57-year old singer- songwriter solo in his song ""The Flow."

The death of Prince was caused by overdosed on powerful painkillers for having a terrible hip pain. According to Dez Dickerson, Prince former bandmate in "The Revolution," the possible reason of Prince having a hip pain was some sort of wearing heels all over a year, the same way he has undergone too, on Mirror report.

Prince Rogers Nelson song "Comeback" was played at his funeral which he dedicated to his son, Ahmir who died seven days later for having a rare genetic disorder. Moreover, Prince has been part of 5 bands such as "The New Power Generation," "The Revolution," "3rd Eye Girl," "Madhouse," and "94 East."

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