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Bella Thorne Is All Natural, Doesn’t Even Take Birth Control

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 03:33 PM EDT
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Bella Thorne sure is a multi-talented personality. Not only does she act but she's also known for her singing abilities. Another important characteristic trait that she's known for, are her radical lifestyle choices. In a recent turn of events, she was reported to have said that she's completely natural and that she doesn't even believe in taking birth control.

According to Hollywood, Bella Thorne was expressing her lifestyle choices recently. While doing so, the Hollywood actress was heard saying that she believes in doing her own make-up too. In fact, while talking about her sense of fashion, she suggested that she dresses up depending on what she is feeling that day. She can go anywhere from dressing up like she is super-goth or even representing a complete hippie.

As reported by Yahoo, Bella Thorne even went all out while describing her thoughts while filming. She was heard saying that sometimes when she is analyzing her character, she feels that the character is too naïve too.

Not many are aware of this but Bella Thorne has been in the performing industry for years. She got her first break with Disney Channel's Shake It Up after which, she moved on to Hollywood and acted with Adam Sandler in the movie Blended.

Another report published by Perez Hilton further spoke about how outspoken Bella Thorne had been over the years. All the way from battling with her skin problems to tackling suicidal thoughts, to accepting her sexuality - she has been very expressive regarding her opinions.

It wasn't long before suggesting that she is completely natural. She said that she doesn't take Advil or Tylenol or even birth control. She's always believed in keeping the negativity away. It seems like Bella Thorne is finally growing up, to deciding her views.

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