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Bill Nye the Science Guy is Back in Netflix with Series Titled 'Bill Nye Saves the World;' Netflix Promised No Folk Tale

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 06:58 PM EDT
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The so-called Science guy William Sanford Nye or best known as Bill Nye will be officially coming back to save the world with the new Netflix series. Bill Nye will debut his show on Netflix on April 21 wherein Bill tackles more on the variety topics in a scientific point of view.

Bill Bye said via USA Today that they aim to present a scientific point of view of society's issues. He also reveals that the show will cover issues from global warming and topics that thrown something into relief when Trump was elected.

Bill Nye is popularly known as the host of the hit 1990's series "Bill Nye The Science Guy" which he mostly tackled topics such as gravity, moon, light and color, oceanography, energy, and the wind. His famous previous PBS children's science show "Bill Nye The Science Guy" aired from 1993 to 1998.

According to Seattle times, Bill Nye tackles a single topic in each episode which the duration of time only took a half an hour and will be debuted on April 21, Friday. And the new series was entitled "Bill Nye Saves The World".

However, Netflix promised that Bill Nye will dispel folk tale which he will bring special celebrity guest as his correspondents. Bill Nye will conduct live experiments and demonstrations live in front of the studio audience

Bill Nye mostly appeared in popular social media as a science educator and he is currently the CEO of the planetary society. Meanwhile, Bill himself began his professional career entertainment as a writer-actor on a local sketch comedy television.

Speaking of Bill Nye early life career he appeared in the living action educational segments of "Back to the future: The Animated Series" from 1991 to 1993. Bill Nye's personality as a Science guy first appeared in Ellen DeGeneres and Alex Trebek.

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