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Bandai Namco's 'Code Vein' Vampire Action RPG Released New Screenshots; The Combat-inclined Game is Set For A 2018 Release

First Posted: Apr 21, 2017 08:35 PM EDT
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Code Vein Vampire RPG from Bandai Namco: More Details & Images - GS News Update

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Bandai Namco recently announced another game titled "Code Vein" and is expected to launch next year, 2018. Bandai Namco's "Code Vein" is another vampire game that is a third-person action role-playing game.

According to Polygon, Bandai Namco's new game "Code Vein" will be putting its new players into the role of a blood-sucking Revenant. The said Revenant will be having the help of an Al-controlled partner and has a battle description of fighting monstrous bosses and vicious enemies in an effort of escaping the place of Vein.

"Code Vein" Revenant can be powerful as they consume their enemies power with the use of Blood veils. According to the report, the Revenant can use them to escalate their strength, utilizes a new weapon that can do overpowered attacks, and weakens their enemies.

"Code Vein" takes in the not so distant future wherein the world collapses because of a mysterious disaster. The towering skyscrapers that once had been the symbol of prosperity are now becoming useless and humanity slowly becoming extinct as it was past pierced by the Thorns of Judgement.

Furthermore, the story of "Code Vein" continues and the destruction of the humanity lies a hidden region of Revenants who are also called Vein. The final stronghold can be seen as where the remaining just a number of fights to survive and are blessed with the gifts of power in a bargain for blood and their memories, Kotaku has reported.

Bandai Namco's "Code Vein" will be bringing its players into the bloodlust and wanted its players to become one of the lost ghouls who devoid the remaining humans. According to Eric Hartness, Bandai Namco VP of Marketing said that latest game from the company offers a fresh anime a new blood-curdling and aesthetic gameplay twists to the famous third person RPG game.

During in an announcement, Bandai Namco "Code Vein" indicates that the game is for the combat-inclined. And the publishers said that the new game is the company's project.

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