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Hulu’s Upcoming Adaptation ‘Locke & Key’; Portrayal Of Characters Still A Mystery

First Posted: Apr 29, 2017 11:28 AM EDT
Locke And Key Official Trailer 2011

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Joe Hill's comic book series "Locke & Key" were likely to have a movie adaptation since Hulu has ordered a pilot to be directed by a horror filmmaker, Scott Derrickson. While the "San Andreas" screenwriter, Carlton Cuse was reported as the showrunner.

On Deadline report, Carlton Cuse gives more improvement on "Locke & Key" which Joe Hill compose the script for the pilot and work also as an executive producer. While the complete script was given to Scott Derrickson which he is expected to direct multiple episodes if the pilot pushed into series before doing "Doctor Strange" sequel.

Moreover, the script which is given to Scott Derrickson gained a lot of competitors since many of television networks like the ideas before it was handed to Hulu. The upcoming adaptation movie focuses on the life of three siblings after the horrified murder of their father, as The Verge reported.

The three siblings known for their name as Tyler Locke, Bode Locke, and Kinsey Locke were then moved to their ancestral house in Maine and found out that it contains a magical key, which made them superhuman for the powers and abilities bestowed on them. But they do not know that there is an evil creature who also wants the key and will do everything to stop them from obtaining his goal.

Meanwhile, the first adaptation of "Locke & Key" was released in 2011 under the direction of Mark Romanek but then stop the making since 20th Century Fox Television decided not to buy it. Indeed, Hulu was the second television network who ordered for a pilot and this time it's for real.

The television network, Hulu were busy on doing another adaptation such as "The Handmaid's Tale" from Margaret Atwood novel, "Castle Rock" by Stephen King, father of Joe Hill and the comic book series "Runaways." However, there are no full details on "Locke & Key" main cast and the portrayal of the characters.

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