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'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' Instrumental in Future MCU Movies; Sylvester Stallone Might Appear in Other Marvel Movies

First Posted: Apr 29, 2017 11:28 AM EDT
'Guardians of the Galaxy 2'

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With the mounting raving reviews of "Guardians of the Galaxy 2," the next installment will be instrumental when it comes to future movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" will set up the stage for future Marvel movies especially with "Avengers 4" coming.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced that "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn will be responsible for the next decade of the MCU. Comic Book reports that after directing "Guardians of the Galaxy 3," Gunn will administrate the future Marvel movies.

However, James Gunn won't be doing it alone. Kevin Feige will lend a helping hand with MCU's direction in the next decade. They will also be deciding which Marvel characters and projects they will pursue next after "Guardians of the Galaxy 3."

The news of Sylvester Stallone's involvement erupted when he was in a cameo in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2." Now, fans may be seeing the actor in future Marvel movies. He appeared as Stakar Ogord in the sequel.

The Washington Times reports that Sylvester Stallone may not be necessarily appear in "Guardians of the Galaxy 3." The actor and Marvel Studios are looking into a possible collaboration with James Gunn helping facilitate it happening. The actor who is iconically known as Rambo may in fact have a bigger role in the future of MCU.

As for the future of the MCU movies, there is no official announcement yet. However, it has been hinted that Phase 3 will not be "traditional" but some works have been done. There is no release date announced yet for "Guardians of the Galaxy 3."

Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" is currently out in theaters. Original cast from the first movie including Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Vin Diesel (Groot), Bradley Cooper (Rocket) and Dave Bautista (Drax) reprise their roles in the sequel.

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