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'Dark Souls 3' Speedrun World Record is 85 Minutes; Game Speculated to Have Nintendo Switch Version

First Posted: Apr 29, 2017 11:30 AM EDT
'Dark Souls 3'

Photo : Bandai Namco Entertainment America/YouTube

Speedrun is a videogame trend where players complete a game as fast as possible. The speedrun world record for "Dark Souls 3" is currently 85 minutes or to be more specific, 1 hour 24 minutes and 19 seconds. More surprisingly, it included time for the two downloadable content (DLC) expansions of the game.

The "Dark Souls" franchise is known as one of the hardest games in videogame history. The speedrun feat was managed by player Distortion2. PC Gamer reports that he managed to beat the previous record holder, Nemz38 by only 2 minutes with the All Bosses run.

In fact, Distortion2 would have finished the game a few minutes eariler if it wasn't for a couple of bosses in "Dark Souls 3" that he had some difficulties with. The player streamed the speedrun and the play through involved him skillfully using whatever weapon he could fine with only a standard set of armor.

There have been speculations that "Dark Souls 3" and the first two games may come to the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console which was released earlier this year has been exceeding sales expectations which is why a new device is nearly hard to find.

Express reports that the release of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on the Nintendo Switch further pushed the sales of the console higher. With this information, fans are expecting Triple A games like "Dark Souls 3" to be released on the Nintendo witch.

The outlet adds that developer FromSoftware previously said that they have been thinking about bringing "Dark Souls 3" and the two other games to the Nintendo Switch. However, the statement was made on the condition that they must have enough money to finance it.

The speculations of "Dark Souls 3" and the rest of the trilogy coming to Nintendo Switch is still a rumor. Neither Nintendo or FromSoftware has officially announced any news. Watch the world record-breaking speedrun video of Distortion2 below.

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