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Kim Kardashian’s Famous Butt Receives A Hit From Her Plastic Surgeon; Gets Compared To A Deflated Balloon

First Posted: Apr 30, 2017 06:50 PM EDT
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Kim Kardashian's famous butt has got more reasons these days to remain in headlines than the reality TV star herself. After her un-airbrushed bottom's snaps fiasco, this time her doctor has branded her butt as a balloon which has been blown up then deflated.

According to Mirror, Dr. Aardon Rollins, who is believed to be Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeon, has recently opened up about his opinion. He stated that the reality TV star's big butt should serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to make a body part bigger.

"If they have cellulite there before the procedure, then it will be there afterward, too," Mirror quoted Dr. Aardon Rollins. "People need to think about that or it will look bad like Kim Kardashian's."

Explaining further Dr. Rollins added that Kim Kardashian has had two children and she has put on weight and then lost it, this cycle repeated a few more times. It's like when a balloon is being blown up and then deflated over and over again- there are ripples. 

The plastic surgeon admitted that to make Kim Kardashian's buttocks bigger, her waist fat was transferred to her derrière. However, fat is fat and it will grow no matter which body part it is in. The procedure is like transferring problem fat simply to another area. 

As previously reported by Latin Post, it all happened when Kim Kardashian was snapped in a selection of skimpy bikinis while holidaying in Mexico. The photos not only showed off her curves but also the cellulite on her famous rear.

This has cost Kim Kardashian's popular presence in social media as 100,000 fans have unfollowed her after the unairbrushed pictures surfaced. The fans claimed that they felt cheated and blamed the reality TV star for photoshopping her Instagram images for years and posing them as natural.


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