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Facebook, Google: Two Giant Companies Recently Reported Scammed More Than $100M

First Posted: May 01, 2017 05:57 AM EDT
Facebook And Google Victims Of Elaborate Cyber Crime: Bottom Line | CNBC

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Last month, a two world's biggest companies were reportedly fell victim to an alleged scam for over $100 million. The attacked was made by a Lithuanian man who impersonates Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese manufacturer that includes Google, Facebook, and Apple as the company's biggest clients.

According to BBC, Facebook and Google are the victims of this person named Evaldas Rimasauskas, a 48-year old man who conducted million-dollar transactions via fake email add that pretends to be from the Asia-based firm. The scammer deceived the two companies for two years by convincing to make a wire-transfer million of dollars at a time to a fraudulent bank account.

Facebook and Google have confirmed about the scam and have been able to recover most the funds with the help of DOJ. According to Google, the fraud was detected by the company's vendor management team and immediately alerted the authorities. However, the security experts said that the recent cyber attack is a highlight on how sophisticated this kind of email scam that is being used to fool Facebook and Google.

Fortune reported that Rimasauskas and his lawyer denounced that the accused may not have a fair trial in the USA because of uncertain FBI agent's behavior during his interrogations. Because of the said FBI behavior, a spokesperson of U.S. Attorney's confirmed that the accused will be in the custody of Lithuania and both U.S. Justice Department and Lithuania authorities decided not to name any companies aside from Facebook and Google, who infringed Rimasauskas's rights to obtain a fair trial.

It is might be a surprised to find out that the two giant companies Facebook and Google are recently defrauded for over $100 million, this means that everyone must be vigilant against any forms of cyber criminals, from a costly conveyance scams to a fake IT support. Nowadays it is more important to have a double check anything especially when it asks about its personal details or a money. The attacked of Facebook and Google will definitely bring up a picture that might happen for any internet average users.

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