Rumor has it that the second version of the Disney Infinity game will feature characters from Marvel's superhero comics. This is based on the new teaser trailer that was released for the game on YouTube, which showed the trademark shield of Captain American within the game's Disney cartoon world. It was also posted under Marvel's YouTube account, which made suspicions even stronger. To make things even more obvious, the teaser states "Bring on the super heroes." This means that Marvel characters will soon be making an appearance in the game.

Aside from the trailer, the game was also given the tagline "Get Ready to Assemble." This was obviously taken from The Avengers. However, despite the obvious entry of Marvel characters, it is not yet known whether the 2.0 version means that there will be a new retail release. There were also other rumors that since the Star Wars franchise was recently acquired by Disney it will soon be making its way to Infinity as well.

Despite the obvious signs, Disney Interactive is remaining mum on the issue. However, according to some other rumors, the Disney Infinity 2.0 game will be made available for the following consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U. Again, these are just speculations and Disney has not confirmed anything yet.

With the availability of over 4,000 characters in the library of Marvel Comics, the possibilities of collecting figurines to unlock characters are seemingly endless.

This change was met by both positive and negative remarks. For some people, it was considered a unique way to spruce up the seemingly childish game. However, for those who enjoy the game the way it was, it is not necessarily a welcome change.

Since Disney has yet to make a final announcement on the matter, everything else is just speculation for now. The game is expected for release any time this year, so there might be announcements soon.