"Dance Moms" is set to welcome the brand new year with a bang as it opens its latest season on Tuesday, Jan. 5. Top-notch dancing and drama once again combine for binge-worthy television in the Lifetime series, as evidenced with the previously released teaser that allowed a glimpse of the much-anticipated season.

According to a report from Mic, the first episode of "Dance Moms" Season 6 will be televised at 9 p.m. ET. The teaser offered a peek at some of the behind-the-scenes drama including the show's choreographer Abby Lee Miller going hard at her dancers saying, "The world thinks that I struck gold with this group. I disagree. Do you have any more passion or any more desire? There's a lot further for you to go."

There are a lot of new features in the upcoming season, most notably significant changes in the cast that has already gained a strong following in the community. Perhaps one of the biggest adjustments viewers will have to make is not seeing rising star Maddie Ziegler on the screen as much, according to a report from IBTimes.

Ziegler will reportedly make a cameo in the premiere episode, but will be absent for most episodes of the season as she has snagged a role in Colin Trevorrow's upcoming film "The Book of Henry." The young dancer, who is already getting opportunities in acting and modeling, is rumored to be on her final season of "Dance Moms."

As Ziegler prepares to exit, a new face will be debuting on the show: Brynn Rumfallo. She has already guest starred in the previous season, but her inclusion in the elite junior team has reportedly upset some of the mothers.

The IBTimes report also revealed a possible fight brewing between Melissa Gisoni (Ziegler's mother) and Miller, hinted by the second episode's title "Melissa vs. Abby". The conflict is said to be over the coach's treatment of Ziegler.

In other "Dance Moms" news, TMZ recently reported that the cast members including Miller and Ziegler have been hacked once again. Insiders told the website that the hackers have obtained information on their smartphones, iCloud, emails and PayPal accounts, even going so far as posting some of the data online on social media such as phone numbers.

Ziegler was said to have received over 2,000 messages the morning after the incident. In an effort to stop the recurring incidents, the cast hired a private investigator who now believes that the people behind the hacking are four underage girls dubbed the "Mean Girls."