"The Other Woman" ended "Captain America: The Winter Soldier's" bid to win at the box office for the fourth straight weekend.

The new Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann starrer made $24.7 million in its first three days, demonstrating once again that films with strong female protagonists generate business and continue to have an audience. The film's surprising opening comes on the heels of Cate Blanchett's comment at the Academy Awards back in March when she stated, "And thank you to Sony Classics, to Michael and Tom for their extraordinary support. For so bravely and intelligently distributing the film and to the audiences who went to see it and perhaps those of us in the industry who are still foolishly clinging to the idea that female films with women at the center are niche experiences. They are not. Audiences want to see them and, in fact, they earn money. The world is round, people."

The film also opened on par with "Bridesmaids," which was released in 2011. That film also opened around the same time period and went on to make $169 million. "The Other Woman" opened strongly on Friday with $9.3 million and continued to do solid business on Saturday, making another $9.6 million. The film's big drop came on Sunday when it only made $5.7 million. However as the summer movies roll in, the lack of a female-driven film for another month will definitely drive women into the multiplexes to see "The Other Woman."

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" had a solid weekend and made a total of $16 million. The film has already made a solid $224 million since opening back on April 4. However next weekend, the Marvel flick is expected to lose significant traction with "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" opening. Most comic book fans will likely flock to the see Sony's latest Spider-Man installment.

The second weekend of the faith-based film "Heaven is for Real" was also solid. The film had a 38 percent drop and made $13.8 million. The movie has already surpassed 2014's other faith-based hit "God's Not Dead" and has already made $51 million. The film is likely to end its run with $65-70 million.

"Rio 2" continued to fall behind the original installment in terms of box office gross. The movie made an estimated $13.6 million and brought its total to $96 million. While the numbers are solid and the film will likely surpass the $100 million mark, it is still short of the pace put on by the original 2011 film, which had already made $104 million by the end of its third weekend.  

Paul Walker's "Brick Mansions" failed to pull in rewarding totals in its opening weekend. The film opened on Friday with $3.5 million and did not improve on Saturday; overall, the film totaled $9.6 million by the end of the weekend. "Mansions" was the latest action movie produced by Luc Besson to flop. Recent films include "3 Days to Kill," "Colombiana," and "The Family."

The Johnny Depp science fiction film, "Transcendence," crashed once again and dropped a total of 62 percent from its opening weekend. The film made $4.1 million and brought its total to $18 million. With a number of blockbusters opening in the next few weekends, "Transcendence" will fade away and will likely not reach the $25 million mark. The movie, which was budgeted at $100 million, is the latest in a line of flops for Depp that include "The Rum Diary," "The Lone Ranger," and "The Tourist."

The other major new release was "The Quiet Ones." The low budget indie made a total of $4 million and once again proved that audiences are not really feeling the horror genre at the moment. The past four months have seen "Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones," "Oculus," and "Devil's Due" all underperform.

"Frozen" made headlines for reaching the $400 million mark after 23 weeks. It became the 15th film to reach the historical mark.   

In art house theaters, "Locke" led the way with $89,200 in four theaters. The film is generating an outstanding $22,300 per theater average and once again gave one-year-old distributor A24 another hit. The movie, starring Tom Hardy, is another entry in the blossoming one-person film genre. In comparison to recent one-person films "Locke" opened to better numbers than "All is Lost" and "Buried." Last year, "All is Lost" opened to $93,583 for an average of $15,597 per theater while "Buried" opened with $100,268 for an average of $9,115 per theater. A24 plans to expand the film in the coming weeks.

The Weinstein Company continued to see mixed results with "The Railway Man." The movie expanded into 156 theaters and made $606,000 for an average of $3,885 per theaters. The film stars Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman and but has only made a disappointing $923,000 despite having A-list actors headlining the movie.

However Sony Pictures Classics had better results with "Only Lovers Left Alive." The film expanded to 53 theaters and brought in $216,000 over this past weekend. The movie will continue to expand in the coming weeks and has already made $516,000.