April 30 is known as "El Día Del Niño" in Mexico, or The Day of Children. Started in 1925, the tradition honors children through a variety of celebrations at school and at home. For 2014's "El Día Del Niño," many Mexicans took to social media to share their baby pictures in honor of the holiday, so we decided to do a little digging to find our favorite celebrity baby pictures. We doubt you've ever seen these Latino singers and actors quite like this before.

If you follow this lady on social media, then you can easily tell that this is Angelique Boyer. The 25-year-old actress has this photo as her avatar on Twitter, and no matter how many times you see a baby version of Boyer with yogurt smeared on her face, it does not stop being funny. (Twitter/Angelique Boyer)

This singer retweeted pictures of herself as a young girl. In this particularly funny picture, Lucero puckers up and looks like a doll. (Twitter/Antonio Hogaza)

Apparently this singer has hardly changed since she was a young girl. Thalia's face can easily be seen in this throwback picture. (Twitter/Thalia)

This blonde boy is harder to place, but it's none other than William Levy. The Cuban star plays on the phone in this old snapshot. (Twitter/William Levy)

This picture is both funny and adorable. This actor looks a little frightened in this old image, but he's a leading man nowadays. Clearly, Sebástian Rulli has always been adorable. (Twitter/Rullinaticas Serbia)

This picture was taken some 30 odd years ago, and it features a very popular singer doing homework. It's Juanes looking a little less than amused. (Twitter/Juanes)

You're not the only one who wore funny things as a kid. Laura G shared this snap specifically for El Dia Del Nino. She captioned the photo, "Taking advantage that tomorrow is the day of children... This was me some years ago...very funny!!" (Twitter/Laura G)

Were you a fan of "The Little Mermaid" as a kid? So was Danna Paola. She shared this captionless image of herself with a papier mache flounder by her side. (Twitter/Danna Paola)