Lin-Manuel Miranda's latest White House appearance went viral after the playwright freestyled for President Barack Obama with some political material. Here, Latin Post provides the complete lyrics to Miranda's improv rap verse.

The Introduction

It's no surprise the Grammy-winning Broadway star went to the White House, as President Obama previously attended "Hamilton" and was asked to speak after the curtain call. During the president's introduction, Obama welcomed Miranda and noted that the show had created a lasting impression on audiences. He added appreciation for "Hamilton" was one of the few things that he and former Vice President Dick Cheney agreed on. The president went on to request Miranda write a show about Congress because that would most likely unify everyone as well.

President Obama also praised the diversity in the show and pointed out that it was not just men who created this country but also women. He also noted that it is likely both George and Martha Washington would have been proud to see a show that expresses the diversity of the country.

He concluded his introduction by noting how powerful Miranda's work has been to education and how important it has been to the development of contemporary history lessons.

Freestyle lyrics

He's throwing up some words, I'm gonna say some freestyling that you never heard
Constitution, the POTUS, I'm freestyling you know this,
Obamacare, OK, I'm looking up the present was hopeless before that system.

The Federalist Papers, Hamilton wrote the other 51 and greater and Sunny and Bo is canine, it's insane, assesine, oh my god, I'm freestyling down the line.

NASA, I wanna see if we can get over to Mars and rap more bars and leave a carbon footprint upon it and lower my emissions and this Lin man freestyle,
Congress, this is a transition, I'm hoping Congress works to our agenda.

Innovation is important, you really got to center yourself and create something. We need a new justice for the Supreme Court.

And immigrants, we get the job done, this is so fun. POTUS is holding up the signs I'm not done.
It's the Oval Office, oh my god, I can't believe I'm there. It's so much more intimidating than if it was square.

Opportunity knocks and I can't stop.
I'm here with the president and my pops and yo the mic drops.

The Political Freestyle Rap

Once the president finished his introduction, Miranda went on to freestyle based on cue cards that the president showed him. These words definitely showcased a variety of the current issues that are currently being discussed in the media. The cue words included "Constitution," "POTUS," "Obamacare," "The Federalist Papers," "NASA," "Carbon Footprint" and "Congress."

When "Congress" came up, Miranda rapped, "I'm hoping Congress works to our agenda," similar to Obama's comment in his introduction. When "NASA" came up, Miranda stated, "I wanna see if we could get over to Mars."

Another political term that came up was "Supreme Court," for which Miranda rapped about needing a new justice for the bench. Then the word "immigrants" came up and he rapped "Immigrants get the job done."

Once the freestyle was over, Obama joked that he thought the video would go viral. Miranda added that he had not seen the cue words prior to rapping.

Miranda is not new to politics. His father, Luis A. Miranda, Jr., worked for Ed Koch and the playwright once helped create a jingle for the Elliot Spitzer campaign. He is also of Puerto Rican descent, giving him strong ties to immigrants and minorities in America.

"Hamilton" began its run in 2015 off Broadway before making its way to the Broadway scene. It went on to win Drama Desk Awards and a Grammy. The show is based on a 2004 biography of Alexander Hamilton by historian Ron Chernow.