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'Parenting Is Tough' - Kate Middleton Opens Up About Motherhood Challenges Despite Live In Nanny, Family Support

First Posted: Jan 13, 2017 11:56 AM EST
Kate Middleton

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While Kate Middleton is mostly labelled as an epitome of perfection, when it comes to motherhood, it's the same for everyone. So whether you're a princess of just a regular mommy, challenges faced during parenthood holds never-ending responsibilities.

According to IB Times, Kate Middleton recently opened up about her struggles regarding parenting. The Duchess of Cambridge may appear poised and flawless, but while attending the Anna Freud Centre's early year's parenting unit in London, Kate Middleton acknowledged the mental and physical hardships faced as a mother.

While it is known that the Duchess has a full time nanny as well as her mother Carole Middleton to assist in child upbringing, she still faces parenting woes and established that bringing up children is no piece of cake.

The 35-year old mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte admitted that "parenting is tough". She spoke to the families and mother who underwent through rough times, keeping in view alcohol and drug abuse.

She also congratulated and appreciated mothers who do it without a hint of any help. She said that parenting while tackling anxiety and also dealing with the lack of support from families is beyond appreciation and should be highlighted at all levels.

"So really well done," she said, according to Inquisitr.

Her emphatic nature towards struggling mothers allowed her to gain even more respect. She was asked if she is willing to spend the morning with more than five children at the center and she replied

"I did just leave a room of six under threes."

It is unknown if Kate Middleton had organized a play date for her children, but it points out that her regular day usually kicks off with toddlers around her.

Wrapping up her official engagement, Kate Middleton met parents who were a part of the therapy session in order to underline the child-parent association.

Kate Middleton's experience as a doting mother comes with a package of luxuries and unending support, which many mothers lack. Although she is surrounded by her family to look after the kids, when it comes to parenting, the experience is universal and same for all.

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