It was a slow week for some with anticipation of the three-day weekend, but there was plenty of action on social media. Here's what your favorite celebs did:

Angelique Boyer's whole week was nature filled. She posted pictures of horses, insects on plants and her go-to snap, the sunset. So if you need something pretty to look at, try checking out the rest of her pictures.

Sebastian Rulli went to see "Cats." He was being a good friend and supporting some of the actors in the show. In the caption, he said, "I love you and admire you very much friend @Manuel_Landeta. What good work #Cats."

Eiza Gonzalez shared a picture that is very reminiscent of Coachella. In fact, she wore the same halter neck top. She captioned the photo with, "Now here am I so spellbound, darling. Not by stars, but just by you."

Maite Perroni shared a gorgeous snap of herself in black and white, where her hair looks spectacularly pretty.

Jennifer Lopez and David Gandy have been getting people talking. Gandy makes an appearance as Lopez's new leading man in her latest music video for "First Love." Lopez shared a steamy picture of the two to celebrate.

Thalia was beaming with positivity. The singer shared a selfie that featured her in big sunglasses. "Never let circumstances take away your happiness! Gmorning beautiful people of the world."

Shakira debuted a new video this week, and she's really getting into the soccer spirit. She shared a picture of a goal, which appears to be a scene from her music video. The words "hear the whistle, kick the ball, the whole world soars like an eagle" are written on the image. Shakira also encouraged her followers to "dare to dream."

Demi Lovato stuck out her tongue for a picture. Surprisingly, it was not inspired by fellow former Disney star Miley Cyrus. Instead, the inspiration probably came from Kiss, who made an appearance on "American Idol" this week. Lovato was pretty star struck. "Umm... Such a dope picture," she said.

And Selena Gomez may once again anger some people. The singer posted a picture of herself wearing a sari and bindi on her Instagram. She captioned the picture with, "Sari, not sari."