Last week, Montserrat discovered that José Luis knew Alejandro was alive, and she and Alejandro were reunited. (Catch up here.)

Here's what to expect in episodes 148 to 153:

Episode 148: Maria tells Graciela that Alejandro is close to finding her and she blurts out that she knows that her lackeys slowly poisoned Benjamin Almonte. Alejandro finds him visiting Finita's house when José Luis arrives to speak to Finita.

Episode 149: Alejandro is happy to see his son Laurito and he tells him that he really wants to hug him. Rosario and Montserrat are moved and practically crying. Montserrat tells José Luis that she was clear with him. She will not be sleeping in the same bed with him, and she tells him to leave her bedroom. But he does not take this lightly and tries to force her. Maria finds herself very enthusiastic at being reunited with Alejandro, saying that she knew she'd see him again.

Episode 150: Sandro tells Maria that there's a document that she and Adolfo have in their possession. Montserrat asks her aunt Carlota to help her sell the house so that she can leave Agua Azul with Alejandro and Laurito. That's precisely when José Luis arrives and demands to know what is happening.

Episode 151: Graciela asks Sandro if he's going to get the document for her, and he said that she will soon have it in her hands. Maria tells Montserrat that if she wants to restore Alejandro's fortune and good name, he will have to spend one night with her.

Episode 152: Graciela asks Fabiola why she wants to find her mother. Fabiola, who has tears in her eyes, says it's so that her mother can love her. José Luis looks for Graciela so that he can find out what she knows about Alejandro. Montserrat asks Alejandro to accept Maria's proposal of spending one night with her, something she is comfortable with as the two have the rest of their lives to be together.

Episode 153: José Luis notices that Alejandro is in Agua Azul, and full of anger, and he vows not to let Alejandro take away Montserrat. Alejandro has a conversation with Montserrat's doctor, who tells him that she is about three weeks pregnant. Alejandro tells Montserrat that she can't be pregnant with José Luis' child, but she says she will not terminate the pregnancy for Alejandro or anyone else.

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