Jenny Polanco
(Photo : Twitter: @Lloyd_HBMG)

As Coronavirus is reigning the world today, a whole lot of people are getting infected. People who are prone to this infection are those people whose job is to face and interact with other people. Politicians, government officials, drivers, sales associates, and even celebrities, are exposed to this virus.

As this pandemic has damaged and caused the lives of many people, dead are no longer just a figure. The names of the people who got infected with this disease are no longer needed as it is meaningless. However, in Mexico, the death of their celebrity, Jenny Polanco, has caused shocks to the community.

Jenny Polanco is a fashion designer who studied designing arts in Interior Design and Plastic Arts at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña. After graduating, she trained in pattern-making, tailoring, and artistic draping at Parsons School of Design located in New York. She has been in the limelight for over thirty (30) years, her unique and eclectic style has set the standard in the industry, in both Latin America and worldwide. She brought the "perfect blend of Caribbean chic" that has become her signature to the fashion events like Miami Fashion Week. And she is considered a celebrity in Mexico who has died due to the complications caused by COVID-19. 

More COVID-19 Updates:

The organizers of Miami Fashion Week posted something on their Facebook page regarding her saying that "Jenny Polanco, one of our beloved designers of 2019, unfortunately, has been taken away by this new disease. We are honored to have shared with her one of her most memorable moments".

This sad news was brought by a public news website and was announced by the country's public health minister, Rafael Sanchez Cardenas. Added by the news website, Jenny was one of six people, and the first public figure, to die because of Coronavirus in the Caribbean country.

Based on Jenny's travel history, she had acquired the virus on her recent trip to Spain, which is the second-highest rate of deaths from COVID-19. And according to the Mexican newspaper, La Opinion, she returned from Madrid last March 4, and a week later, the symptoms are starting to appear.

She took some tests to determine if she is Coronavirus positive, and the result confirmed it. She was on quarantine and was under strict supervision. But despite all of this, her condition got worse and was brought to the emergency room. 

Jenny Polanco has been creating and designing jewelry and accessories for the past ten (10) years. Her jewelry is inspired by amber, pearls, leather, and semi-precious stones. And on the recent news, she decided to support the local talents of the Dominican Republic, opening "Project," a conceptual art and craft store.

This is just another big sad news to the Mexicans as they were idolizing Jenny Polanco's works and charities. She has been a significant asset to the Mexican art industry and was treated as one of the most talented people in the country.