The "crime of the century" is sometimes a concept that is sometimes used for unprecedented offenses. Unfortunately, more people have been able to see what people are capable of through the Internet. Though we live in difficult days, specific incidents are far too gruesome ever to be overlooked or too bizarre.

Latin America is home to about 8% of the world's population. But as of 2016, it had about one-third of its homicides. That means about 400 homicides a day, or about 146,000 a year. But the bloodshed is not distributed evenly. Here's a list of the region's most controversial crimes and their villainous characters.

Argentine Vampire's Thirst for Blood in Monteros (Argentina)

During the 1950s, Florencio Fernández terrorized Monteros' citizens. He horrifically killed young women. Fernández will creep through open windows into homes on summer nights. He would beat his victims, and then bite them in the throat to drink their blood.

Those who believed that his madness was only an act changed their minds fast. The authorities announced during his capture that Fernández had been hiding in a cave.

He was photophobic and potentially schizophrenic. According to medical records, Fernández had a perverse addiction to blood. In 1960, he was convicted and pronounced mentally ill and committed to a mental hospital where he died a couple of years later.

Special Agent Kiki's Cruel Murder (Guadalajara, Mexico)

Crooked police officers working for drug lord Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo kidnapped Agent Enrique 'Kiki' Camarena in broad daylight. The victim was just on his way to visit his partner at that time. Authorities placed Kiki on the 'wanted' list.

According to the reports, the authorities found the special agent guilty of destroying a vast marijuana plantation. At Gallardo's ranch, the crooks brutally tortured Kiki for 30 hours. They even force-fed him with drugs. Crooks wanted him to remain awake throughout the process before finally succumbing on February 9, 1985.

El Chapo's Reign (Sinaloa, Mexico)

Forbes placed the popular Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán in its ranking of the world's most influential individuals in 2009. El Chapo had an approximate wealth of around $1 billion.

Indeed, the cartel's alleged chief is so strong that Mexican authorities say he is tied to no fewer than 70,000 deaths from cocaine trafficking and the underground economy.

El Chapo is suspected of being accountable, among countless others, to kill four Jehovah's witnesses, posting YouTube murders, and bribing officials. He is also accused of rigging his wives' beauty pageants to win and placing a bounty on presidents.

Apostle of Death (Lima, Peru)

The Apostle of Death, whose real name is Pedro Pablo Nakada Ludeña, said he went on a killing spree in Peru. According to him, he received a special mission from heaven. Ludeña believed that God asked him to clean heroin users, homeless persons, prostitutes, and genderqueer on Lima's streets.

Ludeña had killed at least 17 people with a pistol since he was convicted in 2006. He also murdered a 50-year-old lady consuming pot and a man he believed may have been transgender.

After an extreme pursuit and shootout with local authorities, the 'apostle' was finally captured in 2006. He was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in jail. He now stays in a medical hospital. Surprisingly enough, authorities also accused his brother of killing six persons with a knife in Japan.

Old Lady Killer (Mexico City)

La Mataviejitas used to be a professional wrestler by day and a murderer by night. Juana Barraza, her real name, targeted and murdered older women.

Her alcoholic mother allegedly sold her to a man and raped her as a child for three drinks. As a means of revenge, Barraza took to murdering older ladies later in life. She believed she was helping civilization much.

Barraza is organized when it comes to making a new victim. She had access to a registry of women seeking government financial aid. Hence, La Mataviejitas claimed to be a social worker sent to verify their status.

When they were indoors, she would help the women carry groceries into their homes and attack them. With strings or telephone cables, she strangled her victims. Because of her physical build from wrestling, police failed to locate her. Authorities believed they were searching for a male.

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