Confusion in choosing a goal is not that unreal in anyone's life. Many face uncertainty regarding their future goals but that doesn't matter much when your life has already planned you to take you to your actual destination. One such successful example is fearless Yuliza Curiel. Her destiny came and knocked at her door when she found a strong WHY. She never wanted her life to be limited by working for someone else. As a result, she entered the world of LIFE INSURANCE.

Yuliza did her schooling from Colony high school in Ontario, then attended Cal State Los Angeles in 2015. She was a full-time student, taking the metro link from Rancho Cucamonga to CSULA. It took her 4 years to graduate with her Bachelors in Liberal studies and a minor in History. Her dreams went on roller coaster rides from becoming a pediatrician, then a dentist, then a social worker but finally her roller coaster stopped and she decided to be a 'Teacher'. After graduation she felt being a teacher, working for someone else, not getting the deserved salary and being undervalued is not her type. So, she looked for something else and tumbled upon 'business' and started her journey in the Life Insurance realm.

''I got licensed in April 2019. No one ever dreams about being a life insurance agent but I wanted financial freedom, this industry allowed me to get there. I worked early mornings and late nights every single day helping my team, helping the community. It took 8 months to become a broker and 1 year from getting licensed (April 2020) to become a 6-figure earner. My life changed dramatically. To think I went to school for 4 years to get a degree that left me in debt to be brand new in an industry and in only one year make $100,000 was insane to me. Just 6 months later in October 2020 I added an additional $100,000 to my income'', she explained her journey in an interview.

She believes that leaving a stable career with so many cons was worth it. With short-term training and observation, she is earning $350000 a year and living her dream life.

She and her husband were just a former student and a former car washer respectively, but now they are a 6-figure earner in just 1 year. This hardworking couple were so fresh in this industry of Life insurance, no knowledge, no experience but hunger and readiness to learn lead their path clearer day by day. They are not ready to stop here; their dreams are getting bigger and want to achieve more.

To know more, Yuliza Curiel Instagram handle is @yulizacuriel.