After the former United States President struggled in finding ways to influence news coverage since he left office, Donald Trump shut down his month-old blog called 'From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.'

The decision of former President Trump to remove himself from the internet on Wednesday, June 2, was the first time he intentionally stopped his online activity. On previous occasions, it was social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that shut down and banned the accounts of Trump.

According to The New York Times, a person familiar with the former President's thinking shared that Trump becomes frustrated after he heard from his friends that his blog site was getting little traffic. Trump's friends also said that the blog made him look small and irrelevant.

Meanwhile, the site where Trump posted his blog in the past month was put together for him by a company run by Brad Parscale, his former campaign manager. It cost Parscale a few thousand dollars and its purpose is to serve as an online hub for Trump supporters. It is where they issued statements of the former president. The site also served as a platform to communicate directly to Trump.

Last month, the site uploaded a video introducing the platform, stating, "in times of silence and lies, a beacon of freedom arises." It also mentioned that the platform was a place to speak freely and safely.

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Will Trump Return to Social Media?

According to a report by The Washington Post last month, Trump's blog was not gaining an audience or readership. Trump himself downplayed the purpose of his blog, stating that it was only a filler until he is able to figure out what is next to come.

In a statement, Trump stressed that the blog is his way of getting his idea out to the public without it being subject to "fake news spin." He also added that it is his temporary way of communicating until he is able to establish a platform to do so.

Meanwhile, Trump's advisers have varying views regarding the shutting down of his blog. On Wednesday, several of them expressed frustration by Trump's decision to close down the blog, while others tried to view it with a positive spin.

In a tweet, one of Trump's advisers, Jason Miller, stated that Trump's decision may be a sign that the former president is ready to join another social media platform. When asked about the possibility, Miller stated that people should stay tuned to Trump's return to social media in another form.

It can be recalled that Trump was banned by Twitter early in January following the riot in the Capitol Building. Twitter stated that they permanently banned Trump's account to prevent further incitement of violence, CBS News reported.

Moreover, Facebook also barred Trump from using his accounts both on Facebook and Instagram, following the incident in the Capitol. The social media giant stated that it was also preventing the risks of allowing Trump to continue to be on its platform.

Following the decisions of the media giants, Trump called out Twitter, Facebook, and Google, calling them an embarrassment to the country.

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