Michael Gargiulo, who became known as the "Hollywood Ripper" and the "Boy Next Door Killer," was sentenced to death on Friday, July 16, for killing two women, including Ashton Kutcher's date, Ashley Ellerin.

Michael Gargiulo's other victim was a young mother named Maria Bruno, Daily Mail reported. He was also found guilty of the attempted murder in 2008 of Michelle Murphy, who was the key witness at the trial.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler had described Gargiulo's crimes as vicious and frightening. Fidler said that wherever the Hollywood Ripper goes, mayhem and terror follow.

He added that every time Michael Gargiulo is in the neighborhood, someone dies. Prosecutor Dan Akemon said there was a lot of substantial evidence against the Hollywood Ripper in both murders.

Michael Gargiulo's lawyers had argued that the prosecution had presented "insufficient evidence" to convict the Boy Next Door Killer for the killings of Ashley Ellerin and Maria Bruno.

His lawyer Daniel Nardoni said there was no DNA evidence in both cases that could be connected to Michael Gargiulo. Nardoni added that evidence pointed to a third person, leading to a "reasonable doubt."

Michael Gargiulo's defense lawyer had also noted that Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon opposes the death penalty, adding that California Governor Gavin Newsom had also passed a moratorium on executions.

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Ashton Kutcher Testified Against Michael Gargiulo

The prosecutors gave Michael Gargiulo the nickname the "Boy Next Door Killer," saying he marked his victims' death after spotting and stalking them, who lives near to him.

Ashton Kutcher had testified against the Hollywood Ripper during a trial in 2019. The actor said that he arrived at Ashley Ellerin's Hollywood Hills residence on the night of their date and received no answer.

Ashton Kutcher noted that he knocked on the door, and no one answered. He then peered through the large window and saw what he thought red wine spilled on the carpet, according to a New York Daily News report.

Ashton Kutcher then left, thinking that the 22-year-old fashion design student had bailed on their date as he was late. Akemon said the carpet stain the actor saw was likely the victim's blood.

Ashton Kutcher noted that it looked like Ellerin's place was a mess, but he never thought it was odd since she had recently moved in, ABC 13 reported.

Ashton Kutcher admitted that he freaked out when the news of Ellerin's murder got out. He told police that his fingerprints were on the door because he wanted to make sure that he will not be listed as a suspect.

Victims of the 'Hollywood Ripper'

Prosecutors said that the Hollywood Ripper's first victim was his 18-year-old friend Tricia Pacaccio, who was Gargiulo's neighbor in suburban Chicago.

Pacaccio was allegedly killed in 1993 after the now 45-year-old suspect had stabbed her a dozen times and left her body on her family's home doorstep. Michael Gargiulo was also indicted in Pacaccio's killing and is now set to be extradited to Illinois to face trial. 

Prosecutors in his California case had presented extensive evidence to establish a pattern and present Michael Gargiulo as a serial killer.

Authorities had found a blue surgical bootie outside Maria Bruno's El Monte home, which tested positive for her blood and Gargiulo's DNA. A similar bootie was later found hidden in Gargiulo's apartment. The 32-year-old mother has four children.

Jurors have heard how the Hollywood Ripper removed Bruno's breast implants during the attack and placed them near her body.

On the other hand, Michelle Murphy fought the Boy Next Door Killer off in her Santa Monica apartment that forced him to flee. Michael Gargiulo left a trail of blood that also led to his eventual arrests for the other two killings. 

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