More than 1,400 people in Haiti were killed after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the country on August 14. 

It was followed by another disaster, with Tropical Storm Grace hitting the nation on Monday, bringing torrential rain and winds. Because of this, the island nation needs aid, and many are asking how to help Haiti.

Deadly Earthquakes in Haiti

As of Tuesday, Associated Press reported that at least 6,000 people had been injured from the earthquake, aside from the thousands of confirmed deaths.

It can be recalled that Haiti is also the site of a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in 2010. About 250,000 lives were lost, and 300,000 people were injured at the time. 

Tens of thousands of people were displaced by the recent quake as more than 7,000 homes were destroyed. The August 14 tremor hit around 80 miles west of Port-au-Prince.

The country has only begun distributing COVID-19 vaccines two weeks before the massive earthquake. Search and rescue operations have also become a struggle due to the landslides.

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A Chain of Disasters

In the past few months, Haiti has faced several struggles. The country is currently facing political upheaval due to the assassination of President Jovenel Moise on July 7. 

In the midst of the rescue operation for the earthquake, Tropical Storm Grace also hit the island and caused mudslides and flooding.

Aside from the natural disasters, the country is also struggling against the COVID-19 pandemic, gang violence, and widespread poverty.

With the country facing such challenges, their need for help and assistance is apparent. Advocates, humanitarian workers, and local organizations are encouraging donors to help the country.

Here are several organizations that provide on-ground support in the region:

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

The Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) collects donations for the victims of disasters in Haiti and directs all the money to the grassroots organizations in the island nation. 

In 2010, in the aftermath of the earthquake, the HERF raised funds for women's groups, community organizers, and mobile health clinics in the country.

Haiti Communitere

This small organization is built around a community center in Port-au-Prince. Haiti Communitere offers a safe place for grassroots organizations to meet. 

They also offer resources for education and work with the local community on addressing the needs of the people and providing emergency support.

FOKAL Haiti Relief

Donations through the FOKAL Haiti Relief are channeled directly to local organizations in the frontline of economic recovery following disasters. FOKAL also channels donations to women's organizations and farmers' associations in Haiti.

Doctors Without Borders

The organization has had its medical staff in Haiti for at least three decades. Teams from Doctors Without Borders have provided medical care in some of the areas in The country which disasters have critically hit.

Hope for Haiti

For more than 30 years, Hope for Haiti has been working in southern Haiti to provide humanitarian support and relief. The organization's main goal is to reduce poverty in the country through education, access to clean water, access to economic opportunity, and healthcare support.

Amid the disasters that Haiti is currently facing, many organizations continue to help the country. If you want to send aid to the country at this time, contact the groups mentioned above who are working to help Haitians.

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