President Joe Biden pointed to former President Donald Trump's missteps as one of the reasons why he was unable to deliver on some of his campaign promises, resulting in his drop in polls.

Joe Biden also cited the anti-vaxxers prolonging the COVID pandemic and the natural disasters like floods and fires, Daily Mail reported. As he addressed his sinking popularity, the president told reporters at the White House on Friday that he don't look at the polls. 

"This is a process and it's going to be up and down... Not a joke," Biden noted.

Biden's poll numbers are plummeting recently, with new Gallup saying his job approval rating now sits at just 43 percent, which was a 13 point drop since June. Fifty-three percent disapproved of how he has handled his duties.

The president said that people should take a look at what he inherited when he came into office.

"When I came into office. The state of affairs.... Where we were. We had four million people vaccinated. We had no plan. I mean I could go down the list," Biden noted as he pointed a finger at Donald Trump.  

Biden added that part of it was dealing with "a panaply of things" that landed on his plate. He said he's not complaining, but "it's just reality."

The president also pointed to a number of disasters as among the problems he had to deal with. He cited the "hurricanes going into Louisiana," floods in New York and New Jersey, and the wildfires "in the west."

Biden further noted that he thought everything was working out on COVID, but the swath of anti-vaxxers hinders the U.S. from moving along.

"Now we have all these people refusing to get the shot and now look at the people dying - large number of people dying," the president said.

The president noted it was "understandable" that people would be frustrated because they expected things to get better. But he said "it's going to take some time."

Joe Biden has previously said it's going to take him "a year to deliver everything." 

Joe Biden Partially Blames Donald Trump For Afghanistan Mess

Last month, Joe Biden has also pinned partial blame on Donald Trump for some of the chaotic situations that occurred during the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The president cited the Trump administration's agreement that said that if the U.S. stick to the May 1 deadline that they had signed, the Taliban would not attack any American forces, according to Fox News.

However, Biden noted that if the U.S. stayed, all bets were off, leaving them with a simple decision of either follow through on the commitment made by the previous administration and leave Afghanistan "or say we were not leaving and commit another tens of thousands more troops going back to war."

Biden said the real choice was between leaving or escalating. The president had taken responsibility for the decision to leave Afghanistan and the issues that resulted from that choice.

Trump's former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell reacted to Biden's speech, saying that the Taliban onslaught started when Biden got into office.

Grenell added that the Taliban knew thay they could not make the move when Donald Trump was in the White House.

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Joe Biden: 'No Apologies'

On Friday, Joe Biden admitted that he could have done some things better in his first eight months. However, he made no apologies and predicted that the U.S. would be in a different place by the end of the year, U.S. News reported.

Biden is eying to pass two key elements of his domestic agenda: a bipartisan infrastructure plan and a large budget bill covering childcare and community college subsidies.

Joe Biden noted that both measures are in a stalemate as progressive Democrats and moderate Democrats are arguing about funding levels and which bill should be voted first.

The president said that both bills need to be passed as "they're going to have a profound impact."

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