Los Angeles Lakers' stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis discussed the ending of the Netflix hit series, "Squid Game," after their preseason loss to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday.

The LA Lakers' championship-winning duo shared their thoughts about the South Korean series during the Lakers' media availability.

Anthony Davis approached LeBron James, and the two Lakers stars started a conversation regarding the Netflix hit series before Davis took the mic.

LeBron James' Take on 'Squid Game's Ending

According to CBS Sports, the four-time NBA champion said he was not satisfied with the "Squid Game" ending.

"I didn't like the ending... Get on the f-king flight to see your daughter. What are you doing?" LeBron James told Davis. Both men agreed that the ending was not satisfying for them.

LeBron James said he did finish the series, but he didn't like the ending, though. The King shared that he knew that the production team was starting with a season two, but he wanted the protagonist of the series to get on the flight to see his daughter. Davis agreed to what LeBron said.

James and Davis were discussing the final moments of the first season's finale, when the game's winner Gi-hun, played by South Korean actor Lee Jung-jae, decided to stay in Seoul instead of going to the U.S. to see his daughter and expose the deadly game. The moment left a door open for another season.

Some of the assembled media in the room even agreed with the duo's take. Even Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges showed his support of LeBron James' "Squid Take."

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'Squid Game' Phenomena

The NetFlix series "Squid Game" has quickly become a cultural phenomenon. The South Korean series was created and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. It became the streaming platform's most popular series debut ever.

The series is currently sitting atop Netflix's list of most-watched shows across 94 countries worldwide. The conversation between LeBron James and Anthony Davis about the "Squid Game" was solid evidence that it became more cultural touchstone than television series.

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that the South Korean series had already garnered "111 million" total viewers since its September release. The achievement made "Squid Game" the biggest launch in the streaming service's history. The record previously belonged to the period drama "Bridgerton."

"Squid Game" featured various characters who played children's games for a grand prize of 45.6 billion won or a total of $38.7 million U.S. dollars. However, the competition's losers faced deadly consequences.

'Squid Game' Problem

"Squid Game" has accidentally exposed a phone number that belongs to a person in real life. The owner of the phone number, which appeared on one of the cards they gave out on the Netflix series, has reported harassment.

The Korean citizen has reportedly received more than 4,000 calls since her phone number appeared in the series. The owner said the calls were interrupting her daily life.

A representative for "Squid Game" earlier said in a statement that the production team was already "trying to solve" the issue.

The production team claimed that they continue to have phone calls and face-to-face meetings with the owner of the number. They added that they did not put the phone number intentionally.

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