Authorities in Paraguay have seized 500 packages of cocaine with Liverpool FC branding on Wednesday.

According to Sunday World, the National Anti-Drug Secretariat (SENAD) raided a home in the border town of Pedro Juan Caballero, where 500 packages of cocaine branded with Liverpool FC-like logo were confiscated.

Packages of Cocaine Branded With Liverpool FC Logo Intercepted in Paraguay

In total, authorities in Paraguay said the large shipment of cocaine weighed about 215 kilograms. They noted that the seizure has nothing to do with the English football club Liverpool FC.

According to reports, the drug traffickers' attempt of forming a Liverpool FC branding was evident. The drug traffickers had used the English football club's crest, but they put two footballs flanking them on either side that was not on the actual badge.

Ultima Hora, a news publication in Paraguay, reported that a spokesman for SENAD said they found the cocaine wrapped in small packages with Liverpool FC-like logo after entering the home.

Paraguayan authorities did not exactly know where the cocaine came from, but they considered it a class A narcotics. Authorities believe that the large shipment of cocaine was destined for Brazil.

The SENAD spokesperson said the house that was raided was a structure apparently dedicated to drug trafficking to Brazil. The spokesperson noted that "this property was raided and a significant amount of cocaine and base paste," also called PBC, were seized.

PBC is reportedly a low-cost drug made from cocaine sulfate similar to crack. Crack cocaine, commonly known as crack or as rock, is a form of the illicit drug that gives a very quick and intense high. It can also be smoked.

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Authorities in Paraguay Execute Drug Bust

In a press conference, the SENAD spokesperson said a portion of the confiscated drug was prepared in various loaves. He noted that this indicates that the Liverpool FC-branded cocaine was being enlisted for the double-bottomed traffic of vehicles.

The spokesperson added that they believe that an inhabitant of the property was involved in the drugs trade.

"There are many issues that were found here, so it is very difficult not to find a link between this person and the load," he noted.

Meanwhile, Zully Rolon, minister of the Anti-drug portfolio, said the recent drug bust was "an important seizure." Zolon noted that the interception of the illegal drugs resulted from an intelligence operation between the Regional in Pedro Juan Caballero and the Public Ministry.

Authorities said the investigation of the case is still ongoing. Paraguay is reportedly now considered a major exporter of illegal drugs or illegal substances into Europe.

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Written by: Jess Smith

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