A 23-year-old Florida woman, identified as Angelina Mayton, was accused of deliberately burning a young girl by pouring hot water on her genitals, buttocks, and back as punishment.

Authorities noted that it would likely leave the young girl permanently disfigured, according to a Law and Crime report.

Mayton was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated child abuse causing serious bodily injury.

The suspect brought the young girl to Palm Bay Hospital on December 27 with third-degree burns below the waist, according to a police affidavit.

Doctors inquired about what happened to the child, and Mayton reportedly said that she had placed the young girl in the tub and left the bathroom shortly because one of her other two children started screaming and crying. Mayton then said that the girl must have turned the hot water on by accident when she left the room. She then claimed that the girl got out of the tub by herself and cried on the floor.

The girl then said that the water was hot.

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Police Investigation on Angelina Mayton

Investigators noted that the doctor who had been treating the young victim informed them that the girl also had a fractured wrist, which was around two weeks old, according to a Click Orlando News report. The victim also had bruises and scratches, according to the doctor.

The physician told detectives that the victim's burns were in light of an intentional act.

They noted that the patterns were unified, seeming that her back, buttocks, and privates had been dipped into the water.

Detectives also said that there were no burns on the girl's feet or arms, which would mean that they were not submerged in the water and that there were no splash marks.

The physician's explanation was not in line with Mayton's claims that the child had been in the tub and tried to escape when the water became too hot.

The doctor also believed that if it were the accident, the damage would not be as severe.

In addition, the water had to be at least 150 degrees to cause as much damage as it did.

Mayton's two boys were interviewed by a child protective team at the Advocacy Center. They both said that on the day of the incident, the young girl had defecated in the living room and that she was punished, according to a Florida Today report.

Police then concluded that Mayton used the water as a "malicious punishment" for the child after making a mess in the living room.

Mayton noted that she was the only one with the girl during the incident. However, she did not open up to detectives about the child defecating in the living room.

A child protective investigator from the Department of Children and Family Services visited the house to capture photos and take measurements of the bathtub.

The investigators concluded that considering the child's height, the girl was not tall enough to get out of the tub herself.

Mayton is currently bonded out, amounting to $35,000. She was at the Brevard County Jail early Friday morning.

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