A group of video game enthusiasts have engaged themselves in a video game marathon for the benefit of a pediatric treatment and research facility.

The Speed Gamers, a group of video gamers, have spent six years raising money for almost two-dozen charities. The group participates in video game marathons while accepting donations for specific charities and has raised more than $458,000 since its inception.

The Speed Gamers' latest charity effort is for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which helps treat children with cancer and other diseases.

What game are The Street Gamers playing this time?

All the Pokémon games with the goal to capture all 718 pocket monsters from the first through sixth generation including "Pokémon X," Pokémon Y," "Pokémon Stadium," "Pokémon Battle Revolution" and "Pokémon Conquest."

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The Pokémon video games marathon is expected to go until June 27. As of June 25, at 2 p.m. EDT, up to 17.3 million viewers have seen The Speed Gamers capture 433 Pokémon and raised $19,327. The goal is $50,000.

According to The Speed Gamers, the concept of the gaming marathon started with a group of friends led by Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas resident Brittain LaRiviere. He would later decide to live stream the marathons and do it for charity.

Who Are The Speed Gamers?

The first marathon by The Speed Gamers was The Legend of Zelda series in March 2008. Within the 72 hours of gameplays, the marathon raised $1,090 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. The marathons continued with Mario, Metroid, Halo, Metal Gear and Kingdom Hearts, to name a few.

THIS isn't the first time The Speed Gamers have played a Pokémon marathon. Their first effort was in December 2008 to capture all -- at the time -- 491 Pokémon for ACT (Autism Care and Treatment) Today. The gamers helped raise $5,923.69. The most money raised was in June 2012 during another Pokémon marathon when $59,324.36 was raised for ACT Today.

The Speed Gamers have also raised money for Alley's House, Best Friends Animal Society, Earth Day Network, Giggles Therapy, Gulf Restoration Network, Halton Autistic Family Support Group, Lupus Foundation of America, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Susan G. Komen and The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation.

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