Many of your favorite Latin celebrities were off celebrating Fourth of July, but there were still a few other fun and interesting things that they shared. Here's what you may have missed this week.

Cuban actor William Levy really got into the spirit of the holiday. He posed in front front of fireworks and seemingly resembled an action hero. His message was simple: "Happy 4th of July !!!!!!! Love you all!!!"

Technically, this picture was shared by Zoe Saldana's sister, Cisely Saldana, but even Zoe couldn't help retweeting it. It features the star looking like a little bit of a clown, and as she recently celebrated her 36th birthday, it seems the picture was taken at her party.

Sebastián Rulli and the rest of "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" have been filling in fans about the last few days of the show. Rulli shared a picture of himself and Boyer on one of the last times they portrayed their characters, Alejandro and Montserrat.

Angelique Boyer didn't want to hold up her hit TV show, so she quickly returned to work after the death of her mother. This week she shared a picture of herself on the beach on the last day of shooting.

Selena Gomez enjoyed her Fourth of July with friends. She didn't give much more information about her picture, but it seems she attended an outdoor event.

Demi Lovato was about fun and health for Independence Day. "Finished my morning workout on the track.. Now it's time for 4th of July festivities!!!" she said.

Eiza González probably went to Disney, but maybe not with Mexican soccer coach Miguel Herrera. In a clearly doctored photo, González said the picture was showing, "That time el piojo and I went to Disney." Herrera's expressions have become well covered throughout the World Cup.

Jennifer Lopez was feeling a bit like Gene Kelly. The singer was not in the United States for the Fourth of July. "An American In Paris... Happy Independence Day#July4th," she said. Too bad there was no dancing.

Gisele Bundchen did what most other Brazilians did this week: She cheered on her team. She wore her Brazil jersey and said, "Excited!!! Go Brazil!!!! #worldcup"

Thalia proved that mothers will go far to make their children happy. In a funny Instagram snap, the singer and actress has a face full of less than flattering makeup. "Just another mother will understand this critical moment," she said.