A recent poll by Latin Post suggests that the majority of people expect the iOS 7 jailbreak release to come before the end of 2013.

907 of the 2,707 people -- or 33.5 percent -- chose December when asked when the iOS 7 jailbreak would be released. 21.57 percent of people picked February, which accounted for the second-highest number of votes.

Besides December, most of the months were very close in the results and it serves as yet another reflection of how unsure people are about when they will have the ability to jailbreak their phones again. The Evad3rs jailbreak hacking group has remained fairly quiet throughout except for a few tweets that indicate that they are still working hard on the release but that they won't post a release date in case things change or if an Apple update thwarts their progress.

The decision of whether or not to jailbreak your phone can be a tricky one considering that your Apple warranty can become void if you follow through with the jailbreak.

"This may not be worth the freedom of choosing your own phone carrier or deciding what apps you really, really want on your iPhone,"David Arroyo of the Las Vegas Guardian Express said last month. "iPhone jailbreaks become harder and harder with each new iteration of the iOS platform."

iOS 7 has received its fair share of complaints since it was released in September. Health issues have been at the forefront of the issues surrounding iOS 7 as doctors have confirmed that it caused motion sickness. The operating system has since updated and is said to have fixed this issue.