U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, recently sent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell a letter concerning the treatment, care and processing of unaccompanied undocumented immigration minors.

Cruz's letter requested information from the HHS following allegations that the department failed to provide  undocumented immigrant children with health and safety. The senator wants the HHS' information in order to determine the extent of the problem and possible solutions to solve the issue.

In the letter, Cruz acknowledged the influx of undocumented immigrant minors during the summer of 2014, notably from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico. He cited "news accounts" that the increased number of undocumented immigrant children that have entered the U.S. and apprehended by border law enforcement may have overwhelmed HHS resources. The senator is also cautious about a similar influx of undocumented immigrants into the U.S. later this year.

"I have been alerted to a number of specific problems regarding the manner in which the [HHS] has handled, or mishandled, the [undocumented immigrant children] influx, including the potential failure to screen entrants for factors that might render them ineligible for entry into the United States, as well as potential, significant failures to properly care for and monitor the innocent children who have come into your custody," wrote Cruz. "These problems appear to be serious and ongoing, and require the immediate attention of both the [HHS] and Congress."

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The specific issues Cruz is inquiring about include the failure to address sexual abuse and other incident reports involving the immigrant minors. The senator stated the allegation is the HHS failed to investigate or address "literally thousands" of alleged unspecified but inappropriate incidents that occured under HHS supervision.

Cruz, also a confirmed Republican presidential candidate for the 2016 election, is also inquiring about the inadequate screening of individuals who are under HHS custody as some people may have criminal backgrounds.

Cruz provided Burwell a deadline of 9 a.m. on April 14 to provide requested documents and information.

The letter was signed by Cruz, who is the chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts.

Cruz has been one of the harshest opponents of President Barack Obama's handling of immigration. As Latin Post reported, Cruz opposes Obama's immigration executive actions, referring it as "executive amnesty." During the announcement of his presidential campaign, Cruz said, "Instead of the lawlessness and the president's unconstitutional executive amnesty, imagine a president that finally, finally, finally secures the borders." He asked people to imagine a legal immigration system that "welcome and celebrates" individuals who come to achieve the American dream.    

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