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GoDaddy Seizes on .UNO Domain, Expanding into Latin America

First Posted: Jan 22, 2014 07:03 PM EST

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GoDaddy is the first major domain sales company to take advantage of the new .UNO domain extension, the new global web extension dedicated to Spanish-speaking businesses and internet users. The company, known in the U.S. for its "racy" Super Bowl commercials, is using the .UNO domain to expand its business into Latin America, hoping to grow in tandem with the expected wave of internet commerce as Latin America progressively arrives on the internet.

As part of GoDaddy's Latin American expansion, the company has localized its site in both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as creating a new position and office in Mexico City.

The new head of GoDaddy's Latin American expansion, officially the GoDaddy VP of Latin America based in Mexico City, is Rafael Fernandez MacGregor. He's a Mexican national who has spent most of his career as a technology and telecommunications entrepreneur in the region, having led Microsoft in Latin America and founded Blue Label Mexico, a telecom company.

"GoDaddy is creating new opportunities for small businesses in Latin America and making the business of operating a business easier, especially for the small business owner," MacGregor said in the company's release. "As a Latin American entrepreneur, I can tell you from experience, small business owners are the most innovative and dynamic job creators in the region, and anyone who has ever launched or run a small business here will tell you how hard it can be. GoDaddy is determined to help companies build and maintain an effective online presence easily and affordably."

The company is preparing for a multinational expansion, including 60 markets and 30 languages in the next year and a half, starting with Latin America and the .UNO domain. Latin America is a big emerging market in technology. For example, 2012 World Bank study showed that Latin America leads the world in growth in mobile technology, a subset of internet tech that itself continues to grow at breakneck speed.

And now the Latin American world has its own domain extension, after .UNO was created in the most recent meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which sought to find a way to differentiate markets and broaden domain choices as more markets join the online world. .UNO is designed for Latin American communities worldwide.

".UNO is the first global web extension dedicated to Spanish-speaking businesses, consumers and individuals online," announced Dot Latin LLC (an IT business supporting Spanish-speaking websites) and EnCirca (an ICANN-accredited registration organization), when the domain was officially announced late last year. ".UNO provides an opportunity for businesses, consumers and individuals to stand out in the Hispanic market and create a meaningful connection with 490 million Spanish-speaking people worldwide." said Dot Latin LLC CEO, Shaul Jolles. "Hispanics will know that every site that ends with .UNO was made with them in mind; .UNO is a culturally relevant domain, easy to remember, and simple to connect."

Expect to see more .UNO domains, as well as an emphasis on Latin American markets, as the expansion of internet technology continues to accelerate in the southern American hemisphere.

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