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'Arthur' Actress Greta Gerwig To Star In How I Met Your Mother Spinoff: Is The 'Frances Ha' Star Really A Sell Out?

First Posted: Feb 12, 2014 01:35 PM EST

Indie film actress Greta Gerwig has been cast as the star of How I Met Your Dad, a spinoff of How I Met Your Mother. Is the actress's move evidence of her selling out or another creative career move?

Gerwig will star as Sally in the spinoff, which features new characters and a new story. Sally is described as a "female Peter Pan" who, at the start of the series, realizes that she and her husband don't click after being married for less than a year. She moves on to the single life with the help of her family and friends. According to The Hollywood Reporter, her group of friends try to give "good" advice, which in classic sitcom style, may not be as good as intended.

The news of Gerwig's latest role, which will prevent her from making any independent films, came as a shock to some fans who know and love Gerwig as the star of such indie films as Frances Ha.

"Wow. No, Greta Gerwig. No. I mean... Greta Gerwig's gotta eat. But... No. #HIMYD," Daniel Fienberg said via Twitter.

"Frances Ha is too good for this," Zoe Fox tweeted.

"I wish I could sell out like Greta Gerwig... #AllTheHaters" Elvis D said.

Gerwig, however, will have a lot of say in the new role, assuming that the pilot is picked up. According to Variety, she will produce and also plans to be one of How I Met Your Dad's writers. As a result, starring in the CBS sitcom might come with more motive than just increased stardom. 

"Greta Gerwig is a sell out for becoming lead in a TV comedy? So much for generations of television comediennes. #RuListening2Yourselves," Momma Tish tweeted.

"A 'sell out' is someone who takes money to be a hypocrite. Now explain to me again how Greta Gerwig is a 'sell out.' Idiots," Scott Weinberg added.

The pilot for How I Met Your Dad was written by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, How I Met Your Mother creators, and Emily Spivey, Up All Night creator.

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