"Stone Cold" Steve Austin wrestled his final match in 2003 against The Rock at WrestleMania 19 in Seattle before announcing the next night that he was retiring from in-ring competition due to his neck issues. However, fans are still hoping for one retirement match from Austin, but the WWE has officially retired him after releasing a video playlist of wrestlers who have said goodbye to their wrestling careers.

Ring Side News noted that at the time of the match in 2003, fans did not expect it to become Austin's retirement match but it turned out to be his final match to date. There were rumors in the past few years of a possible last match for "The Texas Rattlesnake" but it never materialized and remained a fantasy for wrestling fans.

According to Inquisitr, there were plans to have Austin wrestle CM Punk during his memorable run a few years ago. The latest speculation surrounding "Stone Cold" was a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas next year.

In an interview with FOX Sports last month, the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that he thought of facing Lesnar. "I considered it for just a brief moment but again, I got out of the business when I got out. The hunger was out of my system. It's almost like getting off an addiction. I'm not addicted to wrestling anymore," Austin said.

"I think 99.9 percent I've had my last match. I'm done. If I felt like it, could I? Yeah. Would I? In a dream world, possibly," he added. It's not the first time that the 50-year-old wrestler and actor said that his match with The Rock in 2003 was his last match, per Associated Press.

"I think I've left everything that I've got in the ring. There's no reason to go back in the ring and prove anything. I had to ride off into the sunset a little bit earlier than I'd have liked. But that final match I had at WrestleMania with The Rock was my last match," he said.

The Associate Press adds that Austin is currently happy with his role in the WWE having a Legends contract and being the cover of the "WWE 2K16" video game. He has hosted reality competition shows like "Redneck Island" and "Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge" on the CMT network. He is also an actor who has appeared on films such as "The Condemned," "The Expendables" and "Grown Ups 2."