Keystone XL pipeline cons Protest

President Barack Obama Postpones Keystone XL Pipeline Decision

President Barack Obama and his administration have decided to postpone the decision on the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline until after the congressional midterm elections in November.
A new U.N. report on climate change predicts dire conditions for the planet.

Researchers Argue For Emissions Reduction Amid Economic Growth Concerns

After a meeting of world's top climate scientists in Berlin, they announced Sunday that greenhouse gas emissions soared to "unprecedented levels" between 2000 and 2010.
Coal Power Plant

Can the U.S. Survive With a Smaller Coal Industry? Some Claim Obama and EPA Is Making Country Vulnerable To Blackouts

Utility officials in charge of the nation's power grid are claiming that President Barack Obama's push to reduce the use and reliance of coal-fired power plants could make the power system vulnerable to future blackouts.
Climate Change

Hollywood Stars, Veteran Journalists Enlist In Showtime's Climate-Change Documentary

This Sunday, Showtime will debut its nine-part documentary about climate-change, titled "Years of Living Dangerously," which has gathered the support of numerous Hollywood celebrities.
Global Warming

U.N. Panel Urges World Leaders To Take Climate Change Action In New Report

A group of Nobel-prize winning scientists released a report Monday outlining the how critical global warming will be on humanity, "Al Jazeera America" reported.
Coal and Oil Burning

UN Claims Extreme 2013 Weather Caused By Human-Induced Climate Change and Global Warming

The U.N.'s weather agency announced Monday that the majority of the extreme weather experience in 2013 in the Asia, Europe and Pacific regions were caused by human-induced climate change, "Fox News" reported.

Recent Poll Shows More Americans On Board With Keystone XL Pipeline Project

During the last few years, environmentalists, activists and some landowners have protested the Keystone XL pipeline extension from Alberta, Canada's oil sands to Port Arthur, Texas because of fear that it could it cause environmental degradation to the farmlands in the Midwest.

U.S. Faces Clown Shortage, Are Goldman Sachs and Others to Blame?

Climate change has threatened large populations of animal species and its effects may be irreversible if positive environmental changes aren't made. However, is something far more sinister than a warmer winter to blame for the declining clown profession?

Climate Change Affecting Taste of Tea: New Study Aims to Determine How Weather Has Changed the Popular Beverage

The world's most subtle drink is changing
Researchers find a new, giant valley under Antarctic ice.

Global Warming and Climate Change Explained Through Haiku and Watercolor Paintings

An oceanographer found the most creative way ever to share a 1200-page report on climate change, through the literary art of haiku.
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