Recompose Facility

Eco-friendly Funeral Alternative: Human Composting

Recompose, a public benefit corporation founded by Katrina Spade aims to offer funeral alternatives and burial methods. According to their website, the service they offer "gently converts human remains into the soil."
Is The World Saying Goodbye To Salsa?

Will The World Have to Say Goodbye To Salsa?

Salsa is an essential part of Latino dishes, but this staple sauce could soon no longer be seen on Latino tabletops as its primary ingredients -- tomatoes and chilis -- are feared to go extinct.
Mexico's butterfly monarchs

Mexico's Monarch Butterflies May Face Extinction Due to Climate Change

Experts are fearing for the extinction of Monarch butterfly in Mexico, where their numbers are continuously dwindling due to climate change.
Peruvian Comics: Educating the Youth about the Global and Local Effects of Climate Change

Peruvian Comics Showcase Effects of Climate Change to Indigenous People

Comics from Peru portray the effects of climate change to the region and to the world.
Puerto Rico Is the Most Vulnerable Country to Climate Change

Puerto Rico Is the Most Vulnerable Country to Climate Change, Says Report

The recently released Global Climate Risk Index 2020 by environmental think tank Germanwatch, reveals Puerto Rico as the most vulnerable country to extreme weather events over the last 20 years.
Tucson's Latina Mayor Regina Romero vows to issue municipal ID and laid programs for climate change

Regina Romero, First Latina Mayor in Tucson Is Tackling Major Issues

Tucson's Latina Mayor Regina Romero vows to issue municipal ID and laid programs for climate change
Solar panels

Trump’s New Idea to Pay for US Mexico Border Wall: Cover It With Solar Panels

The president proposal comes after the U.S. left Paris climate agreement, saying a shift to clean energy is a bad deal for America.
April 2017

What happens if the United States quits Paris climate change agreement?

Pulling out of the accord would send a serious signal to the rest of the globe who is working hard to reduce greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere
Awesome Antarctica! | Antarctica Ep4

Antarctica Acts Like A Thermostat In Regulating Earth's Climate; Know How

A new finding derived by the researchers states that Antarctican regions actually regulates earth's climate like Thermostat and can also determine distant place's weather in moments; know more here
Electoral College Voters Cast Ballots Amid Protests

Biggest Science Setbacks Of 2016 Under Donald J. Trump Rule

2016 is a year in which scientific progress often feels like it's eroding. These were the biggiest setbacks to science in 2016 under Donald J. Trump presidency.
NASA's Operation IceBridge Maps Changes To Antartica's Ice Mass

Scientists Reveal Reasons Behind Mysterious 'Crater' In Antarctica

The mysterious ‘crater’ on Antarctica indication of vulnerable ice sheet due to a strong wind that brings warm air and blows away the snow.

Billionaires Launch Breakthrough Energy Coalition to Invest in Clean Power

This week, the United Nations Climate Change Conference is taking place in Paris. At the same time, tech billionaires Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates -- along with a handful of other incredibly wealthy executives like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, George Soros and Alibaba's Jack Ma -- have announced their own plan to boost the private sector's development of clean energy technologies.
Barack Obama

Obama: Climate Change 'Growing Threat' to All Countries

President Barack Obama is in Paris, France, to participate in climate change talks, an issue the Latino community has made a priority.
GOP debate Republican

GOP Debate 2015 Recap: Jindal, Graham, Pataki, Santorum Talk Economy in Early Debate

The third Republican presidential debate focused on the country’s economy, and it comes as the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1314 -- the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 -- but foreign policy also dominated the evening.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis to Congress: 'You Are Also Descended of Immigrants’

Pope Francis became the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of Congress on Thursday during his final day in Washington, D.C.
Pope Francis

Pope Francis: Cuba, Immigration, Climate Change Likely Top Issues in US Visit

Pope Francis' six-day trip in the U.S. starts on Tuesday, and he will spend a week talking about issues affecting the Latino community. The Argentinian-born Pope will address a joint session of Congress on Thursday, where he is expected to speak about topics that even the federal legislative body has had trouble solving.
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