Jennifer Lopez on 2021 MTV VMAs

Jennifer Lopez Makes Surprise Appearance on 2021 MTV VMAs, Billie Eilish Allegedly not Pleased

Jennifer Lopez wows the crowd on her surprise appearance at the 2021 MTV VMAs.
Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor Have a Fiery Confrontation on MTV Video Music Awards 2021 Red Carpet

Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor Have a Fiery Confrontation on MTV Video Music Awards 2021 Red Carpet

Former UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor got into a commotion with rapper Machine Gun Kelly during the MTV Video Music Awards 2021 red carpet on Sunday.
BTS Visits the SiriusXM Studios

MTV Hottest Through the Years: BTS Won Last Year Would They Win Again this Year?

It's the hottest time in music again as MTV Hottest Summer Superstar rolls in with a new set of nominees, including Korean boy group BTS.

The Colorblind Millennial Generation and the Problem With Being Blind to Race

According to research compiled by MTV, millennials believe they are more tolerant and diverse, profess a deeper commitment to equality and fairness, and are less afflicted with "different treatment" than previous generations. However, some of those beliefs are sorely optimistic.

MTV Reportedly Drops Sex Tape Star Farrah Abraham From 'Teen Mom' Season 5

According to reports, MTV is no longer considering Farrah Abraham for season 5 of "Teen Mom" because her formerly pregnant co-stars are not particularly pleased by her pornographic ways.
Superman costume from the film Superman Returns

'Superman vs Batman' Costume Designer Says 'It's All in the Crotch' for Male Superheroes

Many are expressing their excitement on the superheroes’ costumes as much as the “Superman vs Batman” movie release date. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson spill some thoughts on the much awaited hero suits.
Farrah Abraham

'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Says Daughter Can Get Plastic Surgery

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has a daughter that's only 5-years-old, but the reality television mother has already granted her permission to go under the knife.
juan pablo galavis

The Hottest Latino Actors on Reality T.V.

Reality shows are known for spicy and sexy behavior, so it's no wonder that plenty of Latinos have gained fame through reality television. Of course, most reality stars don't see more than 15 minutes of fame. These next Latino stars, on the other hand, know how to make the most out of their time. Here is the list of realty television's Latino stars that shining today.

'The Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari Says TV Series "Wasn't Real At All"

Were you still under the impression that reality TV shows depicted real life?
laguna beach

The Hills and Laguna Beach Fake and Scripted: Kristin Cavallari Admits She Faked Relationships and Fights on T.V. [VIDEO]

Did you think "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" were too good, or too annoying to be true? It turns out you were right. Recently, former star of the MTV shows, Kristin Cavallari, confessed that much of the so-called reality shows was scripted.
Miley Cyrus

MTV Artist Of The Year 2013: Bangerz Singer Miley Cyrus Gets Award

It is not Eminem, Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga - Miley Cyrus is the best artist of the year, according to MTV.

Miley Cyrus MTV Documentary 'Miley: The Movement' Reveals Strategic Media Ploy?

On Oct. 2, MTV featured a documentary, "Miley: The Movement," that gave the 20-year-old, former "Hannah Montana" star a platform to tell her story and how she strategically planned to break out from the shackles of her Disney image that were holding her hostage.

Eminem New Album 2013 Songs: New Single 'Berzerk' Tops Sales Chart

Eminem's new single "Berzerk," from his upcoming album Marshall Mathers LP 2, which the rapper released a tease for during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), already has several million downloads and views.

Justin Timberlake Stops Busy Day to Talk with Make-a-Wish Kid [PIC]

Pop star Justin Timberlake took time out of his busy schedule Tuesday to help a young girl who recently underwent brain surgery.

Blue Ivy Carter Picture Not On New Drake Album Cover, Singer Says

Fans have been wondering if the baby pictured on Drake's new album cover is Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of singer Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z. Today, it has been reported that the baby is not Blue Ivy.

MTV VMA 2013 Performers: Justin Timberlake Performs at Awards Night

With only a week left before the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, the music network has confirmed yet another superstar to grace the stage as a performer. Justin Timberlake has been added to the roster.
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