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'Initiative 300' in Denver can soon allow tourists to smoke legal weed in certain bars and restaurants

First Posted: Nov 20, 2016 01:25 AM EST
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Denver, Colorado can soon become the most visited American city by people who want to smoke marijuana legally and in public.

A new law approved in Denver will soon allow people to smoke marijuana in bars and restaurants. Said law is expected to boost the city's cannabis-tourism industry.

Dubbed "Initiative 300," the new law allows businesses to apply for permits that will allow their respective establishments to designate marijuana consumption areas within their premises. Places such as coffee shops, restaurants, and bars will be among those where smoking marijuana can soon be allowed, Fortune has reported.

Other businesses frequently accommodating out-of-staters are very excited with the new measure. Lodgings, dispensaries, and farms are just some of these.

Before, public places where people can smoke marijuana are very limited. Although purchasing marijuana isn't very difficult, places where people can smoke them are far and few. That can change soon with Initiation 300, what with its intent to allow the proliferation of more safe spaces for marijuana smoking. Said measure can also aid in the opening of more marijuana-friendly businesses as well. 

Initiation 300 is one of a kind in the US, in that it's capable of drawing several tourists from other US states and countries. Southwest Alternative Care founder and Seed and Smith CEO Truman Bradley said that whether people like it or not, the law would be a draw for tourists as safe places for marijuana smoking are relatively rare elsewhere at the moment.

Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012. Last year alone, around 17% of more than 100 million dollars-worth of marijuana has been sold to recreational users. According to The Cannabist, searches in the web for marijuana tourism are increasing, with two US states - Colorado and Washington, being among the most popular places.

Denver marijuana consultant and  pot-in-bars measure campaign manager Emmett Reistroffer said, "This is about personal responsibility and respecting adults who want to have a place to enjoy cannabis."

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